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Impressions of reading puppet forest

I remember one time when I went to the bookstore to buy books, I found a beautiful book - "puppet forest", and I bought it. Diary Diary of grade one

This book is a warm fairy tale written by Wang Yimei. It's a story about Rory the puppet. Do you want to hear it? Don't worry! Let me tell you one by one!

In a forest, there is a tree named Rory. A Pulsatilla comes to teach the oak tree to speak and to teach the oak tree magic. After the Pulsatilla leaves, he leaves two pieces of music, one can make people lose their memory, and the other can restore their memory. A carpenter cut Rory down to make a puppet. Rory's heart is cold. He wants to revenge on human beings!

It happened that little bear came to the city to play, but he was controlled by Rory. He served Rory in the circus with the elephant spotted, monkey lost three and four, and lion Maomao.

The kind Mr. a Tang wants to help them. But Bai Hei has long forgotten Mr. a Tang.

I think: carpenter is really hateful! If it wasn't for him, Bai hei and everyone would not be controlled, and Rory would not revenge on human beings!

Mr. a Tang finds a can, who melts Rory's heart. Rory also laughed. He said: 'I'm going to leave here. I'm going to wait until it blooms and bears. My fruit will fall into the soil. Then there will be many talking oaks in the forest.

Later, Mr. a Tang sent them home, and Rory found the second half of the score. Bai heihei recovered his memory. Rory was very happy!

I thought to myself: 'it's good that Rory can correct his mistakes. I want to learn from a can's kindness. Mr. a Tang cares about animals, so that animals can recover their memory again!

If I were Rory, I would protect the animals, let the small animals return to the big forest, help others and be happy. That's what Rory should do!

Now Rory has changed his ways. You see, as long as we take good care of the environment, help others and protect animals, such things will not cause disaster, and things like Rory will not happen. Students, take good care of every plant, let our home better!

Third grade: Tang LUOQI's feeling on reading the story of Vienna forest_ 650 words, it's so beautiful, it's so beautiful, I'm just confused by the beauty of Vienna. I will never forget the plants, flowers and scenery there. Have you ever been to such a beautiful place?

In Vienna, people are surrounded by green. They live in a green ocean. This is called the 'forest kingdom' diodili, which has 3.7 million hectares of forest, and 44% of the whole territory is covered by forest. There are forests everywhere. People never cut down trees, there is no lack of trees, and there is no lack of green. People never hurt animals. They live in harmony with animals. But where we live, we should always be on guard against sandstorms. Because people cut indiscriminately, do not protect plants and trees, but also cruel killing of animals. Now, we should be sitting at home, listening to the beautiful birds, enjoying the beautiful flowers and trees. But people don't want to enjoy the gift of nature. Endless cutting down trees, killing animals, let us always be on guard against sandstorms. Isn't this all done by human beings?

Once, on my way home from school, I saw several people with axes and chainsaws cutting into trees. I stopped, suddenly feel the world is so strange, human is so cruel. I feel sorry for these trees. They are dedicated to us, but we have done so much to hurt them, cutting them, selling them and burning them. We are the real sinners, but it is the faithful victims. We failed it, hurt it, betrayed it. Nowadays, sandstorms come and go like ghosts. Who is to blame? Only ourselves. If we hurt it, who will protect us from the wind and sand; Hurt it, who will give us shade place; Hurt it, who will protect our beautiful home?

Animals, too, know pain and enjoyment, and they deserve our respect and protection.

Whether it's plants or animals, they have life just like us. We should take good care of every flower and tree and protect every animal. Let's live in a place surrounded by green and live in harmony with those animals. At that time, we not only don't have to watch out for sandstorms, but also enjoy what nature gives us. This requires us to create together. I believe that the place where we live will be better and better day by day, and our home will be more and more beautiful day by day.

Grade 6 of jijiafang primary school in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province_ The story of 550 words "the adventures of puppets" shows me many vivid examples, constantly reminding me how to be a obedient and sensible child.

The story of "the adventures of puppets" is a household name. It tells the story of a bad boy who is willful, lying, lazy, unwilling to learn and can't resist temptation. After all kinds of hardships, he learns from them and becomes an honest, hardworking, brave and studious good boy.

In Pinocchio, I saw my shadow again and again.

I also hope to find a miracle field where many gold coins can be planted without any effort. But I know that this is impossible, not through their own hard work, the harvest must be fantasy. Just like our study, we can't take a shortcut and cram for the Buddha's feet temporarily without solid basic skills.

In the past, I used to be fond of playing. When I started playing, I forgot all my homework. If someone invited me to play in the toy city, I might follow him like Pinocchio. The content of this page is pushed away by Sihai reading website. In the end, learning is much more boring than games. Now I know, play to have a degree, especially before going out to play, must get the consent of parents, and go home on time, don't let father, mother worry.

I used to lose my temper when I didn't like it. Even regardless of the occasion, in my mother's office, on the school bus, I lost my temper, which made my mother very anxious. My mother found a chance to have a long talk with me for two hours. Mom said, each of us is not flat in this life. How can we see a rainbow without experiencing wind and rain? Every child is like a sapling. If you want it to grow into a tall and straight tree, you must always trim its side branches to prevent it from going astray. When you make mistakes, parents are like pruners, like talking crickets and fairies in books. They always help you and remind you to correct them in time.

The story of "the adventures of puppets" shows me many vivid examples and reminds me how to be a obedient and sensible child.

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