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Thoughts on reading 100 popular science articles

During the summer vacation, I read the book "100 popular science articles". There is an article in the book called birds and insects. Diary grade five diary

In "birds and insects", the author and teacher Hu met many birds and insects when they were walking in the woods. Rhododendron is a famous' nursery bird ', which likes to lay its eggs in the nest of other birds; termites will eat trees and make them die slowly; woodpeckers how to judge the latent position of pests and so on. The article uses beautiful and appropriate words to vividly describe the appearance of birds. There are also some illustrations in the article. People who haven't gone to the West Tianmu Mountain can feel the natural beauty of the West Tianmu Mountain personally after seeing these pictures, which can't help but fascinate people!

From this article, we can know that there are many birds in the forest of xitianmu mountain, which also shows that there are many trees and good environment in xitianmu mountain. There are very few birds in the city. The noise of cars on the road and exhaust gas destroy the life of birds. It makes a lot of birds move. Now, only the little sparrow in the tree called & hellip& hellip; Take a look at the forest. Groups of birds are singing and flying happily. They catch insects, lay eggs and live a happy life. There are few birds in one place, but there are many birds in one place. The content of this page is pushed by "read. 4hw. Com. CN". Why? Because there are fewer trees in the city, the air is polluted. There are many trees in the forest and the air is very fresh. It is a good place for birds to live and breed. Therefore, we need to have a variety of trees and try to take public transport when we go out to make the air fresher. One day, there will be a large group of birds nesting here in the city.

There are many beautiful articles in the book, which are worthy of our careful taste.

Fourth grade: Wu qianting's feeling after reading children's Encyclopedia_ 400 words. I read the encyclopedia and thought of a famous book: "books are the source of human knowledge."

The accumulation and inheritance of knowledge has never stopped. It only enlightens the wisdom of human beings and raises the dawn of human civilization. From walking to space walking, from drilling wood for fire to electric power age, from slash and burn farming to scientific farming, from drinking blood to eating healthily, all these prove the progress of human society, and all these are inseparable from the accumulation of knowledge.

In the long history of social development, human beings have never stopped the pace of knowledge. In the Banpo site in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, not only hunting tools can be found, but also fish bladders, harpoons, stone knives, stone shovels, stone axes and other agricultural tools can be found. At that time, people used polished and sharp stone knives and stone shovels, then leveled the land on the burned wasteland, planted grains and vegetables, and engaged in slash and burn farming.

Modern agricultural science and technology: in the 1970s, it mainly implemented grain and soybean rotation, mixed pasture, mixed grazing, increased application of organic fertilizer, biological control, less and no tillage, and reduced input of chemical fertilizer, pesticide and machinery.

British writer Bacon said: 'knowledge is power.' Yes, the 21st century is an era of information and knowledge. Whoever occupies the frontier of knowledge is the winner! Who understands the profound connotation of knowledge is the strong!

Fourth grade: a dream and a beauty reading an article by friends of primary school students_ 900 words reading an article by friends of primary school students

At night, the moon is bright. I stood on the balcony, savoring the just read "Friends of primary school students", endless aftertaste in my heart.

When I opened the first side of the friends of primary school students, it was like a magnet, deeply attracted me. This book is rich in content and exquisite in painting. Each book is divided into two parts, one is infinite exploration. Part of it is: Smart Magic. I have read many articles written by friends of primary school students, such as the case solved by Dr. strange, the story of Hua Luogeng, and so on. But what I think most deeply is rewritten by Tao Weidong in it. If you give me three days of light.

Helen & middot; Keller (June 27, 1880 - June 1, 1968) is a disabled educator in the United States. When she was 19 months old, she was blind and deaf due to a high fever. Later, through her mentor, Ann middot; Anne Sullivan's efforts made her learn to speak and begin to communicate with others. And graduated from Harvard University

This paper mainly describes Helen middot; Keller, a blind and deaf woman's growth experience, as well as her mental journey. Her life has only three days of light, the first day: she will go to see those who have given her help and care, remember those eyes full of goodwill, they must have a good heart.

The next day: how exciting it would be for her to get up at dawn and witness the miracle that night turns into day!

The third day: she will spend in the busy, she will personally experience the happiness of those working people.

It inspires and inspires thousands of people in the world to face the misfortune of life bravely. Even if you have a disability, you will be able to overcome all the difficulties in life.

Helen said: 'no matter what environment you are in, you should make constant efforts.' I have really seen this point, because: in my primary school, the school held a sports meeting, my classmate Liu Xin reported a favorite event - women's 800 meter race, in the afternoon after school, she was alone in the track practice, she ran and ran, pounced! She was so tired that she fell to the ground. After the sports meeting, she said to me: 'I really want to give up, but I think of Helen's saying' no matter what environment you are in, you have to keep working hard. ', So I decided, never give up! I want to run harder, so I stood up and continued to run. But in the process of running, I fell together and fell together. I don't know how many times I fell. Finally, I stood up. Although I didn't get the place, I tried my best to focus on participation. "

Although the human spirit is far beyond the limit of time and space, no matter in what era, self-improvement, hard work, perseverance and courage are the basis of our survival. Physical disability is not terrible. What is terrible is the mental disability. That is the real disability. Therefore, we must learn to face the unexpected attacks and difficulties bravely and try our best to solve them. Only after we have resolved each difficulty can we usher in one success after another.

Sixth grade: Tang Hanqi