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Reflections on reading 100 characters of outlaws of the marsh

After reading the book "outlaws of the marsh", I understand: not everyone is born with ability. Others are welcome to follow wechat for more knowledge. They have the desire to make their dreams come true and the spirit of perseverance, so they are bound to succeed. People should be responsible for themselves, because only they can understand their real dreams. And this kind of dream, by no means groundless, needs us to use the struggle to enrich it, realizes it, only then can enable the dream to realize, can let the life be more splendid, to enrich. Everyone has a dream, but if we don't act, the dream will only come to nothing. Therefore, from then on, I will use hard work in exchange for the realization of my dream. Diary of primary school students

Yes, "outlaws of the marsh" is like a cup of coffee. Only by tasting it slowly can we understand its charm.