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Little match girl

New year's Eve is coming, fireworks are everywhere, but my heart has not been calm for a long time, but in my heart crying silently, because the story of "Little Match Girl" still reverberates in my heart. Diary diary

I seem to see her fragile body curled up in the corner, looking at the distant fireworks; I seem to see her dry lips tremble slightly, Chi! The match was lighted and turned into a stove. She wanted to warm her body, but the match went out. Every match she lighted turned into a beautiful thing and went out. She wants to sell a match. It's a small request for us. It's a good wish for her. Can't we meet this small request?

Finally, she left, on New Year's Eve, on a beautiful day. She followed her grandmother to a place where there was no hunger or cold. I hate, I hate capitalist countries! Hate the oppression of capitalist countries! Hate the cruelty of capitalist countries! I can't help clenching my fist when I read the cruel words.

I really hope that there is no cold, the content of this page is pushed by "read. 4hw. Com. CN" for you, and the place where there is no hunger is here! How I wish we could get her here, but my naive romantic idea is impossible.

I'm already full of tears. I look up and want to press them down. Suddenly I saw a cloud, the little match girl and her grandmother smiling happily and waving to me & hellip& hellip;

Grade one: xiaomantou loves singing a letter to the little match girl_ 650 words a letter to the little match girl

Dear little match girl


After reading the little match girl, I deeply feel how miserable your fate is and how dark the society was at that time.

On New Year's Eve, what a happy festival it is! Rich people are enjoying their family, but you are selling matches barefoot in the cold street. Poor you didn't sell a match all day, no one sympathized with you, only many people discriminated against you. At that time, people were colder than the weather! Your family depends on the money you sell matches to make a living. Can you shoulder such a difficult task when you are young?

The cold forces you to strike a match again and again. For the first time, you see a big warm stove. How eager you are to be warm; The second time, you see the roast goose that has been fragrant. How eager you are for food; The third time, you see a beautiful Christmas tree. How eager you are to be happy; The fourth time, you see the only grandmother who loves you but has died. How eager you are to be loved; The fifth time, you struck a big match to keep grandma. With your begging, grandma took you to God.

The new year's sun rises, people happily welcome the new year, but you can no longer see the new year's sun. The cruel reality forces you to die step by step. Little girl, a match for me, nothing, but for you, is a hope, can let you die in a beautiful illusion with a smile.

Little girl, if you are still alive, I will invite you to live in our happy country. When you are cold, I give you a big cotton padded jacket; When you are hungry, give you good food; When you are lonely, you become a pair of inseparable good friends; When you are eager to be loved, let my parents give you selfless love & hellip& hellip;

Little girl, you are happy. Because you are out of the misery of the world and flying to the paradise of your dreams. That 'no cold, hunger, pain place', can only be your dream of heaven. Your desire for a better life has come true in heaven; Your tragic fate has come true in heaven. Heaven has no distinction between high and low, no cold, no hunger, no pain, and there is also grandma's love, heaven is indeed better than your society at that time!

I wish you a happy life in heaven

Zheng Jiayi

January 1, 2013

Sixth grade: Zheng Jiayi, a match girl_ 350 words in this world

Who would cherish me

Tears flowing to dreamers


The world

You are on the snow

Let me pray

A beautiful flower

It's just the cruelty of ice and cold wind

This is a beautiful flower

Has been withered

For survival

You're still selling matches on New Year's Eve

Who is willing to give you alms

Who wants to see your lonely heart

You're barefoot

Walking in the snow

How miserable

Your withered eyes are the same

Your match can't light any more


You're in the dark

The outstretched hand

Do you feel my pity for you

When my eyes are full of tears

My heart is bleeding, too

I regret that I can't

From the snowflakes

Find a little warmth

To comfort your lonely heart

The fire is warm at Christmas

And the cold constantly tosses you

You can be in other people's happy laughter

Close to home


In the snowy night

How much you miss your parents

How I want to be with my family

Facing a strange world

Your praying eyes

But missed New Year's Eve

The only light and warmth left

Now I'm sitting here

Than Andersen's Fairy Tales

In the deeper night

The sound of fallen leaves and withered flowers

With the music of Christmas

Through my quiet night


You make my every dream come true

They all sparkled with matches


You've been flying with your grandmother

No ice, no despair

There is no sad paradise to go

Your first tears

And the last look

Let me know love and kindness

Today is Chinese New Year

I dried my tears

No matter the cruelty of ice and cold wind

Kneeling on the snow, hands together

With a pious heart

Pray for you in heaven

happy new year

Better life

Senior Three: Zhi Zhenhua