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The hardships of life_ Read if you give me three days of light feeling

Life is like a piano. Some people play the hope of spring, the shade of summer, the harvest of autumn and the joy of winter on the keyboard. Some people play the loneliness of spring, the anxiety of summer, the sorrow of autumn and the sadness of winter. The sound of the piano depends on the player's attitude towards life. Diary winter vacation diary

Although Helen was blind and deaf after a serious illness, it was because of her tutor Annie. Sullivan, Helen is full of confidence in life.

Day and night, like a dry sponge sucking the rain of knowledge, she is so hungry that her little fingers are worn out of blood. Later, with the help of teacher Salle, Helen learned to speak. When she recalled her study life, she said: 'in order to make my partner, even the closest one, understand me, I work hard day and night. I practice every day, practice, practice' & hellip& hellip;

In 1900, Helen, a person living in the deaf and blind world, graduated from Radcliffe women's College of Harvard University with outstanding results. She wrote 14 works in her life and was selected as one of the top ten American heroes in the 20th century by the United States. After more than 100 years, when we go through the long time tunnel, look back and gaze at this weak woman who has been silent for 87 years, we can't help but wonder: life is so great. This makes me realize that whether a person can achieve success or not depends not on the quality of the conditions, but on the spirit of struggle. At ordinary times, some people always regard poor conditions and many difficulties as reasons for not achieving success. But compared with Helen, these difficulties are so insignificant. As long as a person has lofty ideals and goals, he will have endless strength and will not be bound by objective conditions. He will be able to give play to his subjective initiative, create conditions and dominate his own destiny. Isn't that how Helen is?

Fourth grade: the trace of wind filtering, cherish life_ Feeling after reading "if you give me three days of light"_ There is no desperate situation in the world, only the desperate people. Don't believe in the blinding of fate, reshape your destiny, and never give up.

"If you give me three days of light" mainly tells the story of blind and deaf Helen middot; At the beginning, Keller was disappointed in life; Under the patient guidance of Sullivan, Helen learned to read, speak and write with her indomitable spirit, and also made her feel the love everywhere. Finally, she entered Harvard University with her own sweat, and graduated with excellent grades. She also mastered English, French, German, Latin and Greek.

Helen & middot; Keller, with her unremitting spirit, successfully rewrites her life and gets rid of the tragic fate in the eyes of the world. From the perspective of a weak woman with strong body and strong mind, she warned the healthy people to cherish life and everything given by the creator. When she knew that her body was different from others, she not only didn't feel depressed, but also had a strong desire for knowledge. It was knowledge that gave her confidence in life and courage to fight against fate; It was knowledge that taught her the true meaning of life and the value of life. Even if she doesn't have bright eyes to appreciate all kinds of attitudes of the world, she can feel the beauty of life with her delicate heart. Congenital regret can't stop a person's pace of searching for knowledge. We have a sound body, we should cherish the things around us, don't wait for you to regret when you lose all this.

Let's cherish every day in our life, enrich our life, enjoy our life, and make our life more colorful!

Sixth grade: Li Wawa's feeling after reading "if you give me three days of light"_ The content of this page is pushed by "read. 4hw. Com. CN". It may not be unusual for us normal people, because we can easily see it every day. But for Helen & middot; For Keller, how she wanted to see that little flower & hellip& hellip;

Helen & middot; Keller is the protagonist of the book. When she was 19 months old, a sudden illness took away her vision and hearing. Later, with her indomitable heart and indomitable perseverance, she created great miracles with the help of her tutor Miss Sullivan!

There is no injustice in the world. Everyone is equal. It just depends on whether we choose to insist or give up. When setbacks come, we are depressed, immersed in pain all day, it is better to find a bright road, miracles will happen!

We should learn to cherish, you have to know, we have things will be lost, and lost things will not have! Helen & middot; Keller lost the light, how she longed for the light, just as birds longed for the blue sky.

If you had only three days of light, how would you use your eyes? Think of three days later, the sun will never rise in front of your eyes, you can no longer see nature, how will you spend that precious three days?

Maybe we always have to wait until we lose it before we know how to cherish it. It's too late then. Cherish what you have, your health, your relatives and friends, your knowledge & hellip& hellip;

Helen who yearns for light & middot; Keller, in fact, she did not get light, but in her spiritual world, it must be a light! She can create miracles with her own persistence. Why can't we?

Don't be knocked down by setbacks! Always insist on it in difficulties, and the light is waiting for you! Have a bright, we must learn to cherish, do not waste. Everything you have may be lost. When you have it, please cherish it!

Grade 6: Wang Xiongyan