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Reading details decides success or failure

"Details decide success or failure" is a detail management monograph written by Mr. Wang Zhongqiu by summing up years of practical experience in management and consulting work and drawing on the experience of foreign enterprise management. It is rich in content and full in information. This book emphasizes that no matter what work you do, you should pay attention to small things and details, and do small things carefully and thoroughly. It reveals the truth of "fine in detail", "big in small", and "great and ordinary". It also embodies the spirit of "seeking truth and being pragmatic". It is a magic weapon to effectively promote the level of class cultural management and work efficiency to a new level. Diary 500 words

After reading "details decide success or failure" written by Wang Zhongqiu, I feel that in today's competitive world, how to do a good job depends on whether to grasp a "small" word. Maybe too many people always ignore the details of things, and are too confident that 'I am born to be useful, and I will come back when all the money is gone'. We ordinary people, a lot of days, are doing little things. If everyone can do every little thing well in their position, it will be very difficult. From the perspective of CEO, we talk more about the details of enterprise management and marketing, and rarely about education. In fact, the details are scattered in every corner of our lives. As the saying goes, 'success is detail, failure is detail.' This shows the importance of details.

Looking back at the author of this book, he is also a person who pays great attention to details. From the beginning, he was a people's teacher to a civil servant, and then he went into business and grew into a chief marketing consultant. This series of successful transformation has a lot to do with his spirit of "making small things small". Of course, we educators do not need to make so many changes as the author, but as long as we can accept his idea of details and get inspiration from it, and use it for reference and effective use in education and teaching practice, we will certainly be able to make a difference in our own professional field.

In today's social education reform, how can we prevent ourselves from being eliminated by the society? I think in addition to constantly enrich myself, the most important thing to improve myself may be to implement the importance of details in our normal education and teaching work. In addition, details determine the success or failure of you and your class, and the neglect of a certain detail is enough to make all your efforts become ashes., As Mr. Wang Zhongqiu said in his book: 'there are too few people who can do great things. In most cases, most people can only do some specific things, trivial things and monotonous things, which may be too plain or trivial, but this is work, life and the indispensable foundation for achieving great things.'

There is a truth everywhere in life: if you want to achieve final success, you should pay attention to every little thing, that is, details determine success or failure. The same is true in the daily education and teaching of schools.

There are no small things in school. Every small thing is a good textbook. Since I became a class teacher, I have paid attention to every little thing in the daily study and life of the class to educate the students. For example, when a student is doing morning exercises, there is a small scrap of paper on the ground beside him. I will pick it up and use my actions to tell the students to form a civilized good habit of taking good care of public health. Now the contents of this page of students in the class are pushed by "read. 4hw. Com. CN". All of them have formed the good habit of consciously maintaining the hygiene of the class and public places. Therefore, the hygiene of the class has been maintained very good.

In teaching, the teaching of every lesson, every knowledge and the use of every teaching method are related to whether students can master knowledge well. Only by listening to each lesson, learning each knowledge point and understanding each problem, can students get good grades in the end. For a class, only if every student has a good grade, can the class have a good grade as a whole. All of these come from the fact that I pay close attention to every teaching link. Therefore, in teaching, I take every link seriously, such as preparing lessons, giving lectures, correcting homework, tutoring poor students, and testing. In particular, I make great efforts in preparing lessons, looking for the best way, and strive to impart simple and clear knowledge, so that students can easily accept and master it. 1 2

Daily education and teaching work is cumbersome. It is made up of small things and details. Don't underestimate the details. They determine your final success or failure. If you want to succeed, treat every detail seriously and do every detail well. In the end, they will pay you back handsomely. This is my deepest experience in education and teaching.

From the perspective of CEO, Mr. Wang Zhongqiu's book "details determine success or failure" talks more about the details of enterprise management, marketing and other aspects, and rarely involves the case of education. In fact, the 'details' are scattered in every corner of our lives. As the saying goes, 'success is detail, failure is detail.' This shows the importance of details.