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Impressions of lightning dog

Today, my uncle showed me a wonderful 3D movie. The name of the movie is "lightning dog". I put on a special pair of glasses. Everything I see is three-dimensional. Originally, this dog is a welcome to follow wechat: ww4hw to get more knowledge content. This is an ordinary and lovely dog. Later, the father of the little owner of the lightning dog was captured by the big devil. Before the big devil took dad, Dad transformed the little dog into a powerful lightning dog. Lightning dog's unique skill is to roar with authority. Its unique skill can fly sand and walk stone. Do you know why it's called lightning dog? Because it has the birthmark of lightning. One day, he and his little master got lost. On the way, lightning dog met two good friends, Zhanmi and Mimi. They went through all kinds of hardships and saved their father. From then on, they had a happy life. After watching the movie, I felt a little dizzy, and I had a good sleep. In my dream, I dreamed that lightning dog came to my house to play! Diary Diary of grade six

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Grade two of Primary School of Changchun 87 middle school_ 200 words he Yue: primary school students who actively donate organs

It's in the mood for love, but you leave quietly. You donate yourself, just like flowers scattered from the branches, leaving fragrance all over the ground. Fate is so cruel, but you fly like an angel. You have come, you have never left, you use the last flash of ordinary life to illuminate the world.

He Yue, female, 12 years old, born in Guilin, Guangxi, is a primary school student. Brain death occurred in November 2013 due to tumor spreading to brain tissue. When she heard that she had only three months left in her life, she decided to donate her organs to those in need.

Moving like a quietly withered petal, this petal is like two selfless dedication teachers, only the extraordinary in the ordinary is more moving, often only this extraordinary is more moving to China.

There is a kind of warmth called moving. The deeds of the two teachers are unforgettable to me. They will be the brightest 'heart' light in my life;

Fifth grade: the lost child_ The 600 word film "shining red star" is a well-known film, which reflects the Red Army's fearless belief. In order to liberate the poor people, they fought against local tyrants, divided the land, fought hard with the enemy, and saved tens of millions of poor people. 'Red stars shine, red stars shine warm heart & hellip; 'whenever I hear this shocking song, I can't help but blood boiling. The twinkling red star is our party, which lights up the years of burning passion and brings us into the sky of the revolutionary era & hellip; & hellip;

In Liuxi village, Jiangxi Province, pan Dongzi lived a carefree childhood, because his parents were both Red Army. When he was ten years old, he experienced joys and sorrows: I especially admire Xiao Dongzi's mother, who is still unyielding, loyal to the Communist Party and the people under the threat of the enemy. She died the first day she joined the party. What a loss to the Communist Party! Dongzi's father was injured and insisted on not using anesthetics. During the operation, he was sweating, but he clenched his teeth and didn't groan. This strong will made pan Dongzi deeply educated and inspired. Dongzi was nurtured by the revolutionary family since his childhood. He had the ambition and courage to fight against the old and cunning local tyrants and evil gentry. He skillfully escaped the enemy's close examination and completed the task of sending salt to the Red Army on the mountain. He skillfully changed his word, making the rice shop owner who hoarded and colluded with the enemy lose thousands of Jin of rice. I not only sweat for him, but also admire him from my heart. Finally, he went through a lot of hardships and finally joined the ranks of the Red Army.

After watching this film, I couldn't calm down for a long time. Today's happiness is not easy, it is the blood of countless revolutionary martyrs. If you want to win, you can't wait, you have to fight. Wait, you can only wait to fall behind and be beaten; wait, you can only wait for the humiliation of the sick man in East Asia. I can't be born in bliss, I don't know bliss. I want to keep pace with the red memory, and keep the red memory in my heart, so that my motherland can stand on the top of the world. In the road of growing up, I want to be like Dongzi's father, never bow to difficulties and setbacks, and overcome them with perseverance. Shouldering the responsibility of the motherland, we should not forget our own hard work, just like our own hard work.

This film vividly shows Dongzi's clear love hate, fearless of danger, courage to fight against evil, alert and calm, pure and plain character. I was deeply moved and shocked by the character's spiritual quality of treating death as death for the fate of the country. It is like a star, but also like a clarion call to fight, constantly urge me to work hard and forge ahead. It's also like a navigation lighthouse, illuminating my way everywhere.

Fifth grade: Jiang Yaoyao