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Uncle Tom's Cabin

After reading the Book Uncle Tom's cabin, I had mixed feelings, anger, emotion, and sympathy for the poor slaves.

The reason why the story in the book makes me angry is that it truly reproduces the miserable life of the slaves who were oppressed and tortured by the slave owners in the American South in the 19th century. The story of the slaver holly and slaveholder Gray's behavior makes me very angry. Holly was greedy and inhumane, which forced Eliza to run away with her son; Gregory was cruel and often beat the slaves, and Uncle Tom was killed by him alive!

However, I was also moved by the stories in the book, because of the respectable Uncle Tom, the lovely EVA, and Mr. St. Clair. Uncle Tom, the hero of the story, is kind, loyal and capable. When he knows that he was sold to a slaver by his master, he didn't run away to repay his gratitude. However, in order to let his companions escape smoothly, Uncle Tom would rather die than betray them. How noble his personality is! There is beautiful EVA, she is like an angel, with a pure heart, she loves all people equally, but she died at a young age! The kind Mr. St. Clare could have given Uncle Tom freedom, but he died unexpectedly. What a pity!

I'm also with the other slaves in the love letter, like Lucy, Emily and Lucy. Lucy's children were sold by slave traders, and she jumped into the river in despair and committed suicide; Emily had to leave her mother, but unfortunately she was sold to liegre, and suffered all kinds of humiliation; poor Lucy was forced to leave her husband and become a slave to liegre, and she was often whipped and scolded by liegre for her weak body & hellip; & hellip;

After reading Uncle Tom's cabin, I know that the world has both sunny side and dark side. I think we should care about the suffering people around us, treat them equally and lovingly, so that all the people around us can live a happy life. Feeling after reading Uncle Tom's Cabin_ The 450 word version describes a black slave who is 100% loyal and sincere to his master ”Push h for you. - Uncle Tom. Tom's loyalty made Mr. George Shelby entrust the farm to him; Tom's sincerity made him never run away in the face of a tyrant like legeli Simon. Uncle Tom is too loyal, too sincere, loyal people think he is stupid, sincere people respect him.

Tom was first in Mr. George Shelby's house, but because his master was bankrupt, he was sold to a slave dealer. Fortunately, he was bought by the good EVA family, but soon, EVA and her father, Mr. Augustine, passed away. Mary sold Tom together with the other slaves on the manor, and Tom was sold to a tyrant -- legrey & middot; Simon. When Master George finally raised enough money to redeem Tom, he was tortured by his master to his last breath. In the end, Mr. George Shelby buried him.

Tom's ending is a gray ending, but also a red ending. Because, he said to legri & middot; Simon: 'you have only bought my body, and my soul has been bought by the richest man. 'the buyer is the God he has always admired. His body is tortured to death, and his soul is going to heaven to enjoy happiness! When George Shelby went back, he gave every slave a certificate of freedom. He swore at Uncle Tom's grave that he would not raise another slave.

Although Uncle Tom passed away, his spirit is worthy of respect and learning from all the people in the world.

Remarks: Siyan

Reflections on reading Uncle Tom's cabin in the third primary school of Miyun County, Beijing_ 350 words today, I savor a classic book -- "Uncle Tom's cabin". After reading this book, I remember two characters most deeply: one is Tom, who is loyal and devoted to the interests of his master. The other is Harry, who, together with his parents, went through many hardships and finally arrived in Canada.

In this book, Tom's experience is sympathetic. He didn't run away when the slaves ran away. He has been loyal to his master since childhood and is willing to listen to his master. During this period, he was resold to New Orleans and became a slave to the slave owner Haley. In a drowning accident, Tom saved the life of a slave owner's daughter. The child's father bought Tom from Haley and drove a carriage for the master's family. Soon the owner was killed in an accident. So Tom was auctioned off again. From then on, Tom fell into the hands of the ferocious slave owner, Leslie. Legley often flogged the slaves at will. Tom endured the pain, and finally in order to help the two slaves escape, Tom was beaten to pieces, but he didn't say anything at last. When he was dying, his former owner came to buy Tom, but Tom finally died black and blue.

After reading this book, I see from Uncle Tom that he is kind, capable and helpful. I must learn from him!

Changping primary school six read "Uncle Tom's cabin" feeling_ 600 words calling for equality

--Feeling after reading Uncle Tom's Cabin

Yang Chen, class 5 (4)

Today, I read a book, Uncle Tom's cabin, which tells the story of a black American slave who lived a hard life under the oppression of inhuman slavery and eventually died. After reading it, I not only feel sad for Tom's tragic fate, but also feel angry. Why can white people live an elegant life without worrying about food and clothing? And the black people are going to live a miserable life of being sold to Zhang San today and Li Si tomorrow? I calculated that Tom had been sold three times in the book. Among his four owners, two were good people. The other two tortured Tom, beat and scolded him. The two bad people were Haley and regley. Gregory was even more hateful. He beat Tom cruelly and made Tom die miserably. I will curse the dark slavery. It doesn't regard the black people as human beings, but as talking animals. In the eyes of manors like liegre, black people's lives are worthless. Killing them is like killing an ant. My little heart can not help but make a strong appeal: the world should be fair, fair!! There should be no difference between black people and white people!! We should fight against racial discrimination and strive for freedom and democracy!! I think of Sanmao in Sanmao vagrancy. He has been wandering around since he was a child. No one loves him or hurts him. In the illustrations in the book, Sanmao stands outside the window with only a thin dress on his body. At this time, it is the winter of the cold wind. The window is resplendent. The fat adults have just had a meal, and they are all wearing famous brands. While eating snacks, they let the servants beat their legs and pinch their shoulders, and Sanmao's company is very happy I can't afford an apple, let alone beat my leg and pinch my shoulder. Adults in the window also looked at Sanmao coldly with discriminative eyes and yelled.

Both Sanmao and Tom are treated unfairly and bullied, but they still keep true, good and beautiful hearts in the dark society. But this kind heart, still make them out of tune with the dark society, let them suffer torture, finally, Tom also died desolately.

After reading Uncle Tom's cabin, I understand that behind the civilized capitalism is the ruthless exploitation of black slaves; the prosperity of the United States today is closely linked with the crime of slavery. But so far, some Americans still discriminate against blacks. How I hope that every country in the world can protect the weak, so that people do not have hunger and cold, no bullying and oppression, how I hope that everyone in every corner of the world can be equal, no hierarchy, I hope that such evil and discrimination will disappear forever in this beautiful earth! On the composition after reading: feeling after reading the story of Uncle Lei Feng_ 150 words this winter vacation, I read the story of Uncle Lei Feng with great interest. But this book about Lei Feng's great and short life. What impresses me most in the book are 'skinny childhood' and 'nail attitude'. Uncle Lei Feng grew up under the oppression of landlords. Because the people's Liberation Army established new China, he got rid of suffering and became his own master. He cherished the happy new life very much, so he studied hard, did everything down-to-earth, and dedicated everything, including his life, to the party and the people. I want to learn his' nail spirit ', be good at squeezing and drilling, and give full play to' squeezing 'and' drilling 'in my later study and life, so as to study hard and win glory for the motherland.

We should always learn from Uncle Lei Feng! Feeling after reading Uncle Tom's Cabin_ At the end of the 19th century, a destructive and dignified slavery system prevailed in the United States. This system forced the black people from backward areas such as Africa to the new world. When they were bought and sold in the form of livestock, the black slaves who were bought and sold began their life-long servitude. Uncle Tom's cabin tells a tragic story during that period.

After reading this story, I feel sympathy for poor Uncle Tom, his poor identity and his tragic fate; I also feel hatred for the cruel slave owners and despicable slave merchants, their brutality and ruthlessness; I also feel injustice to this kind of slavery system, which is the darkness of the system and the inequality of the system; I admire the great President Lincoln for his determination to abolish slavery and his real action to abolish it.

I once read a text: "slave hero" is also about the misery of slaves. Why is there such an unequal system? In the United States, as well as in Rome, they treat the slaves as' talking tools', don't treat them as human beings, and even make fun of their lives! How unfair this is! They are the same people, living in the same world, but their lives are very different. One is to constantly instruct others to do this and that, the other is to be ordered to do things. If they can't do it well, they will be beaten and scolded, and even have to pay their lives! I can't believe that the United States, which is now at the forefront of the world, has such a dark history. After reading Uncle Tom's cabin, I really understand why we are calling for a fair, just and open approach. All people should be equal, whether you are white, black or yellow. Only in this way can our society become a civilized society.

I hope that a fair, just and open system can be widely established in the world, and Uncle Tom's tragedy will not be repeated.

The fourth reading of Uncle Tom's cabin in Qinglong Street Primary School_ Uncle Tom is a black man, and his master is Mr. Shelby. Once Mr. Shelby lost money because of his business, so he wanted to sell Uncle Tom and Jim to the peddler Haley. Later Uncle Tom was sold to St. Clare