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Feeling of watching young Lei Feng

Tan Liyou's Diary

On March 4, I watched the film "youth Lei Feng", which was deeply influenced by the content of this page ”Push education for you.

Uncle Lei Feng's childhood was bitter. His family died one after another, and he was alone. After the founding of new China, he grew up under the care of the Communist Party. When he grew up, he infected everyone around him with enthusiasm, and finally became a useful person to the society, an ordinary and great person.

Uncle Lei Feng's spirit of hard work, plain living and thrift is worth learning. When his clothes were worn out, he mended them and put them on again, and his socks were mended and mended, but he donated the 100 yuan he had saved to the people in the disaster area without hesitation; in the army, he received less daily necessities and said he had enough; when others bought soda, he drank boiled water. Compared with Uncle Lei Feng, I'm really ashamed. If you have a small hole in your clothes, throw it away; if your shoes are old, throw it away; if your schoolbag is dirty, change it. It's not easy for my parents to earn money, so I must develop the good habit of hard work, plain living and thrift like Uncle Lei Feng.

Uncle Lei Feng does good deeds for the people wholeheartedly and dares to be an orderly of the people. He used his microblog allowance to buy train tickets for his sister-in-law who lost money; during the Spring Festival, he volunteered to clean the waiting room and pour boiling water for the passengers; he took the elderly and children home in the rain & hellip; & hellip; it's true that Lei Feng had done a good job on a thousand mile business trip. Uncle Lei Feng's quality of helping others is always worth learning.

When Uncle Lei Feng stops to have a rest, he sits in the driver's cab to study. When he goes to the cinema, he reads a book in a few minutes before the show. He said, a very good board, there is no hole in it, but why can the nail be driven in? Nails have two advantages: one is squeezing strength, the other is drilling strength. This is his' nail spirit '. Think about my past, sometimes I would like to watch TV and put off my homework very late; sometimes I would not practice piano if I had more homework; sometimes I would like to play games and go to bed very late. After watching the film "youth Lei Feng", I will never be like before. I must learn from Uncle Lei Feng's "nail spirit".

Lei Feng spirit is the most precious spiritual wealth of the Chinese nation. Lei Feng spirit will always inspire us to move forward.

Fourth grade of Nanbin primary school in Shizhu County, Chongqing: Tan Liyou's spring breeze and green river's south bank, Lei Feng's spirit follows the journey_ 600 words Lei Feng - a loud and shining name, a warm and household name, he gave up his family for everyone, he made a lot of contributions for the people and the motherland!

My first contact with Lei Feng was on March 5, 2005. My mother taught me to sing the first well-known & lt; & lt; learn from Lei Feng's good example & gt; & gt;. My mother also told me that Lei Feng's family was very poor when he was a child. His parents and brothers died in the hands of the landlord at that time. From then on, Lei Feng became an orphan. Little Lei Feng in that war weaving years, how perseverance and tenacity to survive ah! The difficulties of life did not bring him down. He joined the people's Liberation Army and bravely began to fight against the enemy. He also devoted all his enthusiasm to serving the people.

Every time I think of Lei Feng, I will think of a paragraph: if you are a drop of water, do you moisten an inch of land? If you are a ray of sunshine, do you light up the darkness? If you are a grain, do you feed useful life? If it is the smallest screw, do you always stick to your life Post & hellip;

Later, I went to school and learned more about Lei Feng. I began to read about his deeds and his diary. I sincerely admire him and admire him.

It's like a movie over and over in his mind. When I encounter difficulties in my study, I will read his diary and immediately cheer up; when I see that the class needs my efforts, I will think of his desperate appearance, and I will stand up and take responsibility; when I see that my classmates need my help, I will also help them without hesitation & hellip; Now, I think he is my inseparable good friend, always remind me of my words and deeds, his spirit deeply branded in my heart, inspired me to always maintain a pure, happy, studious, helping heart! He said: 'only when a party member closes his eyes can he have the right to stop the struggle;! What a noble oath! He wrote down a bright red history with his brilliant words and deeds. I must cherish his happy life in exchange for his blood, pass on his selfless spirit of serving the people, and use my practical actions to better serve others!

Grade one of grade 349, No.6 middle school, Daxiang district, Shaoyang, Hunan_ 600 words with the passage of time, the passage of time, the important figures in history will be gradually forgotten. But there is a man who I believe we all remember. His helpful spirit is unforgettable. His name is Lei Feng.

Lei Feng is my object of worship, his helpful spirit deeply moved me, before, I was a very stingy person. Seeing other people in need of help, I didn't see it, and I didn't want to help. Since watching Lei Feng's movie, I feel guilty. Lei Feng in the movie deeply moved me. Lei Feng died very early, but he is still remembered in our hearts. Lei Feng was only a few years older than I am now, but what he did is unforgettable.

In the movie, Lei Feng is a thrifty person. He is poor, but he also helps other people who are poorer than him. In the movie, it is said that Lei Feng's socks have been mended many times and will stab his feet. He is not willing to throw them. Once, he went to a place to deliver things. He heard that the place was very poor and needed financial assistance. Without saying a word, he saved 100 yuan in his savings for a year. He thought he donated the least, but in fact he donated the most. A person who is not willing to throw socks will actually take out his savings. I'm thinking that I won't make money, but I want the best of everything. It's also very wasteful. Since then, my problem has gradually changed. Once again, you can see that he is a thrifty man. He has a comrade in arms named Wang Dali. When he was playing basketball, a man bought soda. Wang Dali stopped the man who bought soda and bought two bottles of soda. He asked Lei Feng to buy it too. Lei Feng replied, "I'd better go with boiled water.". Then he laughed. If I think about it again, I will not make money, but spend money indiscriminately. I don't know how to save money all day long. After watching this movie, my problem has changed. And once again, Lei Feng, who had a hard time taking a day off a week, did not rest in the dormitory, but went to the construction site to help work, and he worked harder than he did on the construction site, and he did not leave his name. It deeply touched me that I was willing to help others, which made me willing to help others without any credit & hellip; & hellip;

Although Lei Feng died, his spirit will always stay in the world and in everyone's heart

Liao Zicai, grade two, Xinzi middle school, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong