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Observe soybean diary

Thursday, October 3

Today, my mother bought me some soybeans from the vegetable market. They are small and hard. My mother bought me some soybeans. I didn't know how to soak them, so I went to ask my father, who was rich in knowledge. My father said to me in an orderly way: 'today, you pour the soybeans into the cup to let it absorb water well, and if the water is cold,' I did as my father said, it was right, there was a yellow bean Bean just sucks a little water, which is a little bigger than other soybeans. I watched it for several hours, its heart softened and its clothes opened a little. After another hour, it opened its clothes even more. After another hour, it almost took off its clothes. I thought: next time, it will change a lot, so I'll observe it next time! Diary Diary of grade four

The rain turned fine on October 5th, Saturday

Today, when I was observing soybeans, they sprouted a little through the meridians, and a little soybeans took off their clothes inside! But a few of them are a bit rotten.

October 6 sunny Sunday

Today, I found that the sprouts of small soybeans are longer, and even some of the sprouts are curled. I can't find some rotten soybeans yesterday. I think: can they bring the dead back to life!

October 8 light rain Tuesday

Today, when I look at the little soybean again, there are several buds with curly hair. The content of this page is from "read. 4" ”Push for you, and it's green. One of them looks ugly and dead. Another one looks like an eye. However, when I see so many soybeans, I'm still not happy because I want them to grow faster and turn them into sprouts I eat them to see if they taste good.

November 19, sunny Saturday

Today, I thought, the first sprout of mung bean sprouted in my heart.

Friday, December 9

Today is really miserable. My mother poured out all the soybeans I had worked so hard to soak. I was very sad to see the rotten soybeans lying alone in the garbage can.