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Playing Rubik's Cube

On Sunday, when I finished my homework and had nothing to do with my spare time, I sorted out my old toys and saw a Rubik's cube half way through. I remember my favorite Rubik's cube when I was a child. Diary Diary of grade two

After finishing, I began to play the Rubik's cube. I turned the Rubik's cube up and down and messed it up. I was so anxious that I almost cried. At this time, I saw a manual. Ah, it turned out to be the manual of the Rubik's cube, but I couldn't understand it. After a while, my father came back. I was overjoyed and handed the manual to my father. My father did spell it, and I was happy.

Through this thing, I understand a truth. I will do my own things in the future. When I tidy up the toys in the future, the content of this page is changed from "read. 4" ”Push for you, don't be like me.