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Welcome to wechat: www 4hw for more knowledge. I'm sorry_ One spring festival, Lan Lan went to Lili's home with a lantern. Diary Diary of grade six

Come to Lili's home and have a look! It's beautiful! The windows of her house were shining and the things on the table were in order. Lan Lan puts the lantern on the table, and Lili pours water for her. At this time, she accidentally poured the water on the lantern and quickly said: 'sorry, I didn't mean to. How much is the lantern? I'll accompany you. 'Lan Lan said with a smile:' it doesn't matter. It's dry as soon as it's dry. By the way, let's play! 'Lili said:' OK! 'They had fun together.

We should apologize to He Kexin for her too much pressure. He Kexin apologized to the Chinese for not winning the gold medal. How can we accept the apology of a 20-year-old hero who has been fighting for his country for a long time.

I'm sorry! It's us who should apologize. It's us who put too much pressure on you at a young age. It's us who deprive you of your better youth;

On the evening of the 6th, He Kexin was the first to appear on the stage. With almost perfect performance, he showed a set of movements with difficulty coefficient as high as 7.1 to the world. 933, which has excited many people. Although you are still defeated by the Russian players when you are ahead of most people, this pair of medals that were considered to be needed before the competition are perfect. You also said: 'I really don't want to fight for this championship. Know the strength is really lacking, just want to play well has been very satisfied. 'but why do you have to say after the event full of grievances:' I didn't use the most difficult movement. I hope everyone can forgive me. '

If it's not because of the gold medal complex of Chinese people for many years, that is, only winning but not losing, only first but not second; if it's not because of the different treatment given by various media and sponsors to gold medalists and silver medalists; if it's not because there are too many people, too many media and too many institutions who have put this gold medal in the scope of the competition early & hellip; & hellip; Then, the athletes will not be so gaffe, not so painful.

At this moment, the Chinese people should give applause to athletes like Wu JingBiao and He Kexin, and sincerely say: 'you are already excellent, and the silver medal is also great! What Chinese sports fans love is a person who offers his heart and soul to the Chinese people. '