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I learned new knowledge

Grade one: Liu Shuhan is in spring again_ 150 words A piece of green lawn, delicate grass, fresh and clear swing, like a group of dancing elves, I sit by the boat carefully, so that I don't crush the high-grade decorations of the earth. Looking up at the blue sky, one after another free zither is printed into my eyes. A spring breeze blows through the willow, which causes me deep memories.

I saw a small shop selling kites, so I left.

Fourth grade: lishengcun new semester, new school_ 150 words welcome to wechat: www 4hw for more knowledge. On August 14, I stepped into the gate of junior high school. In a twinkling of an eye, the sixth grade of primary school was over. I saw strange environment, strange teachers and strange students in this strange school. I felt that everything here was strange! But after a few weeks of class, I have a certain understanding of teachers, and students also have contact, I believe I will adapt here!

Wen Lu, grade one of Heshuo No.2 Middle School, Heshuo County, Bayingolin, Xinjiang