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I don't love my brother and mother anymore

I don't love my brother and mother anymore_ Diary of the first grade

Today, my brother played with my building blocks, so I beat him and didn't let him change the content of this page from "read. 4" ”Push play for you. Brother told mother, mother advised me, I did not listen, hit me, I was very angry, cried.

It's mom's fault. I don't think the building blocks bought for me should be played by my brother. I won't play with his toys in the future, isn't it? But my mother said we should play with each other and share good things. I don't think so.

I cried so much that my eyes were swollen and I shed a lot of sad tears. I don't love my brother and mother anymore.

Three and a half years old

Grade one, Qingnian Street Primary School, Yuanping City, Shanxi Province: Wu Haoji, I love my mother_ 100 words once back home, in the car, my mother and I are tired and hungry, I want to sleep, my mother let me sleep in her lap. My mother's thigh is sour and painful. In order not to wake me up, my mother didn't make a sound. Ah! Mother's love is a soft bed.

On the way back home, my mother and I sat on the motorcycle. After a while, I felt cold all over, so my mother took off her thick coat and put it on for me. I feel very warm, ah! Mother's love is the wall against the wind.

In those days in my hometown, the weather was very cold, my clothes were dirty, my mother had been washing clothes for me, even her hands were frozen. Ah! Mother's love is hard and capable hands.

Mom, I love you!

Third grade: 1790654229 my cousin_ My cousin is Chaoxin. He has fluffy hair and sharp eyes in his two big eyes, which makes me feel a little awe for him. He was wearing a yellow shirt, black trousers, a hat and a brown belt around his waist. There are also muscles on the arm, which is quite chivalrous.

My cousin plays basketball very well. It's easy to throw the ball in with just a few swish. He can also make bows and arrows, catapults, rocket planes & hellip; & hellip; and he is very childlike and can take a stick as a golden cudgel.

How nice to have a cousin! You can play with me every day.

Second grade: Xiao Ziqiu