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A happy thing 100 words

Qingming Festival is a good time to plant melons and beans. My mother planted a lot of beans in the yard, and I also want to plant a few. I dug a pit, put a few seeds into it, then buried the soil, poured a little water, and the beans were planted.

I water the beans every day, and I look forward to the sprouting of my beans every day. One day later, my beans didn't germinate. Two days later, my beans didn't germinate. Three days later, my beans still didn't germinate. A week went by, but it didn't move. The content of this page was changed from "read. 4" ”Push static for you, I went there, gently open the grass to see. Originally sprouted, I am very happy!


Today, my father and I went to watch the 3D cartoon Rio adventure in Wanda movie city.

It began to play, and my father and I really saw it. As I watched it, I said: 'dad, what a good movie! 'My father said to me with a smile: 'yes. '

Half the time we saw it, I saw the little sister next to me talking. I told her: 'you can't speak up when you're watching a movie! 'the little sister said: 'I know, little sister. '

After a while, the movie was almost over, and I said: 'let mom come to see it next time. "Good. 'Dad said with a smile.