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Books are our good friends

We all have our own good friends. Most of our friends are relatives or animals. Can we make friends with books? Diary summer vacation diary

The answer is of course, books are not only tools to pass the time, they can bring you into a variety of world, composition books can bring you many good words and sentences, so that you no longer have to scratch your ears to write; anquanshu can help you distinguish right from wrong, so that you can calm down when you encounter danger; comic books can make you relax on the road of intense learning, so that the exam is not easy It will be too nervous to reduce the score; popular science books can & hellip; & hellip;.

Books can also help you solve problems. Welcome to wechat: www4hw for more knowledge. When your math problem becomes a roadblock in front of you, turn over the math book and write it next to the math problem.

Du Fu, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty, has a saying: "you can read more than ten thousand books and write like a God". Who is a famous person in the world who doesn't like reading? Mao Zedong's book, one of the founders of the people's Republic of China, has occupied part of his bed. He has been fighting for many years and has moved several places. He once gave up many things, but his book collection has been reluctant to throw away one He has accumulated a lot of experience in writing, and like Li Bai, he has a hundred poems on wine fighting, including Mao Zedong's anthology and selected works.

Would you like to make friends with books? It is willing to communicate with you!