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Tough mom

Strict mother one of the people I know most is my strict mother. You may have heard this sentence: if you don't do well in the exam, you have to be intimate with the whip. I'm no exception. A similar thing happened in the second volume of the second grade. 'what's the matter? If you go home, the content of this page will be pushed by Sihai reading network for you, but it doesn't say? 'mom stares at me strangely. 'er, this, I & hellip; & hellip;' I don't know how to tell my mother that I only got 78 points in Chinese. Because it's the first time that I've been tested like this, so I've been hiding the test paper in the elastic band of my pants. Holding a handful of sweat in my hand, I stammered: "I got seven & hellip; & hellip; 78 points in my Chinese test. 'I look down. 'Oh? Get the papers! 'My mother's face is like a chameleon. One moment it's deep, one moment it's shallow. One more look will give me goose bumps. 'well & hellip; & hellip;, missed the third and fifth questions, you see for yourself, do you have eyes on the back of your head? "My mother pointed to me and said. After a meal of ideological education, there is a rich set of 'one set meal' and 'a cup of crying Coke'. Two seconds later & hellip; & hellip; 'Wow! Mom! Spare my life! Make it light! Ah! oh Help! This is my mother, a very strict mother. Diary summer vacation diary