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Watermelon King

Diary > diary of grade two_ 1 the content of this page is provided by "read. 4" ”For you to push 00 words, summer finally arrived, you can eat watermelon. Today, my mother bought me a big round watermelon. Diary 100 words

Watermelon skin is dark green, which contains red, with small black seeds of watermelon pulp, eating sweet and delicious.

Mother cut the watermelon and brought it out of the kitchen. She told everyone to eat it. I ran to it in a hurry, grabbed it and ate it. I ate one piece after another. In a short time, a lot of watermelon rinds were placed in front of me, and I ate five pieces of them. My sisters all called me 'watermelon King' with a smile! Hehe, who told me that I like watermelon so much!

Children, what fruit do you like to eat? Say it!

Grade 2, guihuayuan primary school, Rongchang County, Chongqing: Huang Yutong 1 monkey eats watermelon_ One day, three little monkeys came to the field to eat watermelon. They searched for a long time, and finally found three round and big watermelons. They were very happy. Just when they were happy, a little monkey said: 'the watermelon will be found by then, but how can we take it home? 'now the three little monkeys are worried again. They think and think. Suddenly, a little monkey said: 'I have a way! Let's roll the watermelon home! "The little monkeys all said: 'good! 'when they got home, they were ready to share, but when they cut open the watermelon, it turned into juice.

Second grade: Liu Shiqi