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I did something wrong

Diary > diary of grade one I did something wrong_ 100 words December 4, 2005 Saturday diary fourth grade diary

Today, I want to buy a card, but my mother won't let me, saying that my family is much better. I cried and beat her. My mother advised me, but I didn't listen. I also said a few words from the bad boy, and beat my mother all the time. Later, my mother got angry and beat me a few times. I still cry and scold my mother and beat her. Finally, my mother was angry and cried.

I don't want to kill mom. I love mom. Today is my fault, because I have so many cards. I don't beat and scold my mother any more. I want to be a good child.

Three and a half years old

Grade one of Youth Street Primary School in Yuanping City, Shanxi Province: we should do Wu Haoji_ 600 words' 1 + 1 = 2, a tree + a tree = a forest. Well, the content of this page is from "read. 4" ”The theme of hellip; & hellip; for you seems to be & hellip; & hellip; yes, this is our theme today: environmental protection.

Environmental protection is a topic mentioned by many people, but have you all done it? Have you thought of picking up the dirt around you?

Some people may say: 'picking up small pieces of paper and doing such a trivial thing will not show my identity. I want to do something that will make the world environmentally friendly! His views may also be those of some people. But you know what? Before Edison invented the electric light, he was not a household name in the world, but after he worked hard to create it, his name became famous in the world. At the time of his invention, there were small experiments. Environmental protection is also made of small pieces of paper. Needless to say, smart people must know the meaning. Some people may also say: 'if I'm walking and see garbage there, I'll go there to pick it up. If I see garbage here, I'll come here to pick it up. I'm not exhausted. 'no, it doesn't have to be, as long as you keep your side clean. If everyone keeps his side clean, the road will be very clean. In fact, it only takes ten seconds to pick up a piece of paper. You only need 3650 seconds to pick up a piece of paper every day, and it only takes more than one hour. If everyone in the world keeps the habit of picking up paper every day, how many tons of big trees can we save in a year! The root of picking up paper is throwing paper. If it takes 20 seconds to throw a piece of paper, a tree can make 132000 pieces of paper. Throwing away 132000 pieces of paper can only take you one month, while it takes about 12 years from seed to tree. Students, think about the proportion that is far behind! There are many ways to protect the environment of a tree, such as: using more than one paper, not driving a car, riding a bicycle, walking healthily, and reducing electricity consumption;

'if you want to see what's going on, pay close attention everywhere.'001 environmental protection action starts from now on.

Fifth grade of No.79 primary school (Tieyi primary school) in Urumqi county, Xinjiang: I did Liang Jinqiu right_ 750 words childhood is colorful, there are many things I still remember, of which I did it right.

When I entered junior high school, I didn't adapt to the strange environment at first, but teacher Yan's kind eyes fixed on me, which gave me confidence and courage, let me gradually learn to adapt, and got the trust of teachers and students, and was elected as the monitor.

As a monitor, we should care about the group and each student. I remember one day, the weather was very cold, two students stayed on duty, they cleaned the floor, ready to start mounding. Because of the cold weather, they only put the mop in the water and rinsed it. Instead of twisting it by hand, they directly butted the ground. On that day, the school leaders were on duty to check. As soon as they entered our class, what came into our eyes was the water in one place. The school leaders told teacher Yan about the situation and severely criticized him.

The next day, teacher Yan criticized the two students in the whole class. At that time, teacher Yan's eyes were severe. It seemed to warn us not to make such mistakes again. I found that after the teacher said, there was some helplessness on the faces of the students. Some people even looked at their hands. I was thinking: 'what can we do to solve the problem of students' fear of cold hands and achieve the best of both worlds? By the way, gloves! '

I think of gloves. Rubber gloves can solve the problem that students are afraid of cold hands, and promote students to better complete the task of doing duty. So, after school, instead of going home to do my homework, I went to the mall to buy rubber gloves. I carefully selected a pair of gloves and bought them with my pocket money. As soon as I got out of the shopping mall, it was dark and I had to give them to my classmates tomorrow. But I thought of today's student on duty and decided to go back to school.

So I ran back to the school and gave it to the students on duty. They worked harder and cleaned the classroom spotlessly. They were praised by the school leaders and won the honor for the class. The students were very grateful to me and told Mr. Yan about it. Yan teacher once again with kind eyes watching me, he looked at me and said to me: 'thank you, child! 'I felt a feeling in my heart, but I dare say I did it right!

People are not perfect. They may only have done a few right things in their life, but as long as they dare to face and overcome setbacks, overcome the stumbling blocks in life, and start from the details, then success is not far away from you, because I have done it right!

Grade 5, Tuodong secondary school, Kunming, Yunnan: 1315661184