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Diary > diary of grade one_ 50 words April 2, 2005 Saturday sunny to overcast diary 500 words

In the morning, after my mother sent my brother to kindergarten, she said to me: 'can you do some carry addition within 100? 'I said yes.

So my mother gave me dozens of questions, and I was right. My mother praised me and said: 'you are great! 'I'm so happy to hear my mother's praise.

6 years old

Grade one, Qingnian Street Primary School, Yuanping City, Shanxi Province_ Beijing is the ancient capital of China with hundreds of years, so we should show our noble Li Yi, we should be civilized and polite, do not spit everywhere, take the initiative to give seats to the elderly and pregnant women, be a good child, and be civilized young pioneers!!!!!!!!

Third grade: Zhang Chengxuan the content of this page is from "read. 4" ”After reading "100 stories for primary school students to learn how to be human"_ 650 words during the summer vacation, I read the book "100 stories for primary school students to learn how to be a man". The book introduces that learning to be a person is a basic ability that every child must master before going to the society. People who know how to behave can better integrate into the society. What kind of person to be is the goal and direction to be established since childhood.

This book selects 100 good stories to enlighten the soul, and what I like most is the third episode of "no self-confidence equals loss of strength". Edison was quoted as saying that "self confidence is the essence of a hero". It tells the story of a four minute run of one kilometer, which has been going on since ancient Greece. It is said that in order to achieve this speed, some runners tried to drink the real tiger milk, while others even let the lion chase the runner, thinking that it would make him run faster. However, none of these are useful, so people assert that this is an impossible goal for human beings. However, there is one person who alone proved that all the scientists, coaches and athletes who have tried before him but failed to succeed are wrong. He is Roger Dennis. The miracle of miracles is that when Roger broke the goal of running a mile in four minutes, 37 people immediately broke the record, and a year later, 300 athletes can run a mile in four minutes.

This story tells us that everyone has endless potential, but this potential is sometimes suppressed by the doubts of the people around us and ourselves. In fact, the release of potential is directly proportional to the degree of believing in yourself. As long as we believe that we can do it and give ourselves a chance, our potential can be released infinitely.

I like this book very much. Whenever I roam in these wonderful stories, I can gradually understand how to treat people and how to deal with things, and learn to respect teachers and filial piety to parents & hellip; & hellip; strive to shape myself into a person who makes my parents happy and loved by everyone, and who can make a career when I grow up.

Fourth grade: Tong Huan