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Recess activities

Class is over! Class is over! Students out of the classroom came to the playground, the playground lively. Some students jump rope, some kick shuttlecock, some run, some play games. It's wonderful! I jump the rope the fastest! Only heard the rope thrown in the air, issued a "whoosh" wind, hit the ground, issued a "pa pa" sound. Others were staring at me, and they were counting for me: "one, two, three..." I suddenly tripped over the rope and couldn't continue to jump. I jumped 190 times a minute. They all applauded and congratulated me.

Some students are kicking shuttlecock, shuttlecock is colorful, was kicked up and down by the students, dancing. There seems to be a magnet on Tu Mengyao's feet. Shuttlecock is welcome to pay attention to wechat: www4hw for more knowledge. The shuttlecock seemed to be inseparable from her all the time. I was so envious that I picked up the shuttlecock and kicked it. However, as soon as I kicked it, the shuttlecock would not listen to my command and fly to a far place. The most interesting thing is Tu Mengyao. When she kicks, the shuttlecock flies away like a bird, which makes us laugh. Some students are running. Ge Haoyue runs forward like wind. We all cheer for her. In the end, Ge Haoyue wins.

Although the break was short, everyone had a good time. Recess activities in the colorful recess activities, I have played many games, such as rope skipping, shuttlecock kicking, and sandbags throwing One of my favorite games is hawk catching chicken.

The game begins! First of all, the hen's huge wings protect the chicks all the time, and the eagle also opens his shining black wings to catch the chicks. If the eagle catches the chicken, the chicken will take the place of the eagle, and the eagle will be able to stand on the chicken's seat as a chicken.

When I was caught by the eagle, I took the initiative to stand up as an eagle, I left and right, but I couldn't catch the chicken. Everyone called me "big stupid Eagle". My heart is very sad, think: how good you are! I'll show you my real skills when I play next time!

I can't wait to say, "I'll be an eagle.". Students have to discuss, a classmate said loudly: "big stupid eagle, can you do it?" I said unconvinced: "don't look down on me, you'll wait and see then!" The game started, I will run to the left, I will run to the right. The hen also ran to the right and left for a while. When the hen didn't pay attention, she ran to the right and caught a chick. I yelled, "I win, I win.". The students said that I am really powerful, I said with pride: "admire it, powerful it!"

Although the game is over, it is deeply imprinted in my mind. The ten minutes between classes is a free time for students. On the playground, some are skipping rope, some are practicing long jump, and some are playing lost sandbags.

One of our favorite is to throw sandbags. Six of us are in a group and two of us are in a group. One group stands in the middle of the sandbags. The students on one side pick up the sandbags and throw them to the two in the middle with the fastest speed. The students on the other side pick up the sandbags and throw them to the people standing in the middle. Whoever receives more sandbags will get more points, and whoever gets more points will win. On the other hand, if you don't receive sandbags, you lose. If you lose, change to another group of indirect sandbags. We throw it to me and I throw it to you. We see sandbags flying to the middle of the station from time to time. They hide from each other and follow each other's sandbags.

Playing with the class bell rang, we want to play for a while, think about it, we also want to learn, we want to next class break can not play? Yes, we all went back to the classroom happily after the appointment. Every time we have a break, we will have a good time. Break activity "Ding Ling..." Class is over. The students ran out of the classroom like birds.

Students came to the playground, some racket ball, some slide, some shuttlecock, and some rope skipping. Next to the sunflower, Xiao Hong, Xiao Ying, Xiao Yun and Xiao Ming beat the ball together. Xiao Hong pats the ball first, and the others count it to see how many she pats. Xiaohong patted, patted too hard and was about to break. Fortunately, xiaohongyan was quick and adjusted. When Xiaohong got dozens of photos, Xiaoming said, "Xiaohong, you've been playing for such a long time. Let's play for a while." Xiaohong thought: "hum, it's not bad, it's not for you to play." Thinking, attention is not focused, the ball has sprung up, Xiao Hong did not react, the ball rolled out. Then, Xiaohong played Xiaoming, Xiaoming played Xiaoying, Xiaoying played Xiaoyun. They played again and again and had a good time.

Next to him, Xiaolei and some of his classmates are playing on the slide. Xiaolei climbs up the steps, sits on the slide, and slides down. He is very naughty. While sliding, he yells: "Hi, I'm coming!" As soon as he didn't pay attention, he fell off the slide and fell on all fours. When it was Xiao Gang's turn, he didn't dare to slide. A teacher encouraged him and said, "don't be afraid. It won't happen if you slide down slowly." The students nearby also said: "Xiao Gang, be brave. As long as you don't try to be brave like Xiao Lei, you will be able to slide down smoothly." With everyone's help, Xiao Gang finally slipped down. Later, he didn't feel afraid. We played again and again and skated again and again.

Running on the playground, chasing, laughing, shouting, had a great time. Class break activity "Ding Ling Ling, Ding Ling Ling", after class bell rings, we are like a happy bird flying out of the classroom.

We lined up on the playground and did gymnastics with the music on the radio. After the gymnastics, the students move freely.

Some students play rubber band, some play basketball, some play table tennis, the most interesting is rubber band. Two students are standing at both ends with rubber bands on their legs. The other two students are standing in the middle with their left and right feet alternately dancing on the rubber bands. They are singing the rhythmic ballad "little swallow Di Di Di, Malan blossom 21, 256, 257, 2829311..." It's fun. The whole playground has become a sea of joy, this is a happy break!

At this time, the bell rang, we went into the classroom, the campus became quiet. Recess is over, class is over! The students rushed out of the classroom and rushed to the playground. Some of them jump rope, some jump high, some play slide, some play ball, and some play chess. The quiet playground immediately became an ocean of joy.

Look! Xiaohong and Xiaolan gently shake the rope. Meimei jumps in the middle of the rope.

Xiao Ming is practicing the high jump. After constant efforts, only he jumps and falls to the ground like a bird.

Xiaogang is bending over, staring at the ball, clapping. Xiao Dong also helped him count! One, two, three Unconsciously, it has been taken more than 100 times. What a "master" of racqueting!

Xiaohua and I climbed up the slide, I "whooshed" down from a high place, wow! How exciting! My heart was pounding with fear.

Although the playground is so busy, Xiaojun and Dingding still concentrate on playing chess. It's hard to separate them. They don't have to be separated.

The school's recess activities are really colorful!