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little snail

Diary > diary of grade one_ 250 words July 11 Wednesday sunny diary 200 words

In the evening, I saw my father peeling the melon. I was surprised to see a small snail on the loofah.

The snail is less than one centimeter. I think the snail should have a name. I'll call it "weak". Because when I touch its tentacles, it shrinks them inside. I think it is very fragile and timid, so I call it weak.

I put the little snail -- oh -- no, weak in a plastic cup, and it crawled excitedly. It looks very lovely!

However, in the evening, it shrank in the shell, motionless, has not come out.

When I saw the little snail so naughty, I thought to myself: it's a little naughty bag.

The little snail is naughty and lovely. I like it very much.

The first grade of Lianyuan No.1 Primary School in Loudi, Hunan_ Since the 250 word snail and the cup stick together, all day long dejected. Every day, when it saw butterflies flying in the flowers, bees gathering honey, and many flying animals busy with their own things, it was very anxious.

There is a page written by "read. 4" ”Push day for you, it met a magician, snail said to the magician: 'magician, how can we fly again? 'the magician said: 'as long as you sincerely help others do three good deeds every day, the shell will fall off automatically. 'after the magician left, the snail did what the magician said. Sure enough, one day, the shell came off automatically. His companions were surprised and happy for it.

Snail heart happy, excited, it flew to the blue sky, a few circles, to determine that they really can fly, happily fly to the partners.

Second grade: if Yu Xuan snail and ant_ One day, the snail and the ant happened to meet. The Ant looked at the snail and said enviously: 'brother snail, your life must be very good! Your parents prepared a house for you when you were born, and it's also a mobile house. Unlike me, I not only have to build my own house, but also have to repair it at any time when it rains or snows. It's hard. 'the snail said: 'that's not true! My house makes me slow, not as flexible as you are. And my house is unchangeable, unlike you can decorate at any time according to your own wishes. 'the ant was surprised. He thought that the snail was very satisfied with his life. Unexpectedly, the snail envied himself. The ant recalled the words of snail and said to himself: 'there are so many things I don't know! '

Grade 2 of Jiangyin fortress Center Primary School in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province: Wu Di 040102