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Mom and Dad, I want to tell you

Mom and Dad, I have a lot of heart to say to you, but the words to the mouth and always swallow down, so has not said the content of this page from "read. 4" ”Push for you. In the past ten years, you have taken good care of me. You have brought me up with a handful of excrement and urine. Diary 500 words

In these ten years, in this long ten years, you have brought me up for my study, food and clothing, but I have nothing to repay you. But I know that the best way to repay you is to repay you with outstanding achievements.

Dad, Dad, you are really very hard, hard only Saturday and Sunday can come back, to Saturday and Sunday you do not rest, help my mother buy vegetables, teach me and my brother to do homework and study, you are hard.

Mom, mom, you make a table of delicious dishes for us every day. You also work hard and teach me to study after work. I am here to say to you: 'you have worked hard'.

Mom and Dad, I love you. You have worked hard.