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Mother's white hair

At noon today, after lunch, my mother asked me to pull out her white hair. Diary diary

I first look for white hair in thousands of hairs, so many white hair! Why didn't I find it before? I was surprised and looked for it. When I found one, I held the white hair in my hand first, and then clamped it with an eyebrow clip. Slowly, gently, I pulled it out with strength. One, two, three, four & hellip; & hellip;. My mother said: 'am I getting old with so much white hair. 'no, you're not old,' I answered as I pulled out my mother's white hair.

Hi! I finally understand that my mother has so much white hair because she has been too worried about me. I thought: 'if I can study hard, take care of my life by myself and don't have to worry about my mother, then my mother won't grow grey hair and will become more beautiful and more beautiful than before.

I don't want this page to change from "read. 4" ”Push your mother to grow old. I don't want her to have white hair. I want her to be beautiful forever!