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One thing about helping others

One Saturday night, our family went out for a walk. When I went to the intersection waiting for the traffic lights, I saw an old woman carrying heavy things in her hand. My mother said to me: 'the content of this page is from "read. 4" ”I'll push Lin to help Granny for you, OK? I said: 'OK'. Diary 500 words

I went to the grandmother's side and said to her, 'grandma, I'll help you with your things and help you cross the road'. The old woman said to me with a smile: 'OK, you're great. 'when the green light came, I helped grandma across the road with my things. All the uncles and aunts around looked at me with admiration.


The person I know most is Ding Zhiyi. She is 8 years old this year, a lovely, red face, people all feel kind, she likes to wear pink clothes, a pair of bright eyes always blink in class.

She is very helpful. Why do you say that? It turns out that she helped me once a few days ago.

In math class, when the teacher asked us to take out the exercise book, I suddenly remembered that I left the book at home and forgot to bring it, which made me anxious. Just as I was worried, Ding Zhiyi took out a pamphlet from her schoolbag and said: 'I'd like to borrow one from you. Remember to return it to me tomorrow! 'I was embarrassed to say:' thank you. 'and she just smiles.

This is my helpful classmate, Ding Zhiyi. What's the matter? Do you feel her passion?