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Learning to make steamed bread for the first time

One day, Yingying, Chaohua, Zunzhi and I were making steamed bread at Daiyingying's house. Diary Diary of grade four

At the beginning of cooking, uncle Dai sprinkled flour on the table to avoid sticking the flour for steamed bread on the table. We started to make steamed bread. The steamed bread we make has various shapes, which is very interesting. Dai Yingying made love, ye Zunzhi made a fat cat, and aunt Sui made an animal with a head like a mouse, a tail like a goldfish's tail, a body like a deer, and a back like a hedgehog's thorn. Aunt Sui said that this is a dragon, but we don't look like it. Let's call it 'riddle Dragon'! ……

I made a dumpling first, and then I want to make a hedgehog. After finishing the hedgehog's body, I didn't know how to put sharp thorns on the hedgehog. Ye Zunzhi's mother taught me a move. With scissors, I could cut the thorns on the back of the dough. Interestingly, after steaming the steamed bread, we found that the 'riddle Dragon' made by Aunt Sui didn't look like anything after steaming, even the ears collapsed; I hid a piece of beef jerky in the dumpling, but I couldn't find it when I ate it & hellip; & helli welcome to wechat: www4hw for more knowledge. P;

How interesting it is to make steamed bread!

Parents' comments: sun's article is clear in level, concise and vivid in language. It describes a lively and interesting scene of making steamed bread for us. After reading it, the readers have the idea to join it. The deficiency is that the explanation and coherence of some details are not enough.