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I grew up

Diary I grew up_ My mother is sick these days. I went home as fast as I could. When I saw my mother lying on the bed, I asked if she wanted to drink water. My mother said no. I thought of making a bowl of noodles for my mother. I don't know if my mother will eat it. So I went to the kitchen to make a bowl of noodles, and gave a bowl of fragrant noodles to my mother. My mother saw my cooked face and had a smile on her face. She ate and also laughed. Diary grade five diary

My mother saw that I was so capable and sensible and said: child, you have grown up.

First grade of Taiyu primary school in shasitang, Changsha, Hunan: Ning Yixin, I want to grow up_ 150 words I want to grow up, so that I won't hear my mother call me to go home when I am in high interest; I want to grow up, so that I can leave the painful homework; I want to grow up, so that my mother can let me open her hands and let me fly freely.

I want to grow up, when I grow up, I can go everywhere to explore for treasure; I also want to be an athlete to participate in the Olympic Games, let my mother see me get the gold medal on TV, proud of me!

I really want to grow up. I want to become an adult as soon as I open my eyes tomorrow morning. The content of this page is pushed by "Sihai reading network" for you! I hope this wish can come true.

Grade one: little farmland Youth Olympic Games grow up with me_ 150 word Youth Olympic Games,

Let's embrace the rising sun.

Youth Olympic Games,

Let's move towards hope.

Youth Olympic Games,

The efforts of so many people.

Youth Olympic Games,

It's the focus of the world.

That pretty boy,

It's our hope.

In the sunshine,

One by one, the seedlings are thriving.

Let's hold hands,

heart linked to heart,

Best wishes for them.


Let the Youth Olympic Games,

Growing up with us,

Laugh with us!

Li Moying, grade 6, Liuhe bilingual school, Nanjing, Jiangsu