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Happy dance


Today, our school held a group program competition, one of the activities of the art festival. At noon, when we had a good meal, our mothers were busy with hair binding, makeup and dancing clothes. When we are ready, the students will smile happily when you look at me and I will see you. Because we have become like a mold carved out, mothers can not recognize their children. When it was our turn to perform on stage, my mood became both happy and excited. Because I'm standing in the first row of dance performance, I have more actions. Please pay attention to wechat: www4hw for more knowledge. And more difficult, so the usual dance rehearsal is both tense and hard. When the beautiful music on the stage starts, I jump every action with a smile and the music rhythm. When the stage music stopped, although I was tired and thirsty, I felt very happy and proud to see the smiling faces of teachers, parents and students.