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I love my family

I love my family_ 150 words diary on March 14, 2006 grade 5 diary

There are four people in my family. There are father, mother, brother and I.

Dad makes money for us, buys me delicious food, and I kiss him. Mother cooked for us, cleaned up the room, took us to school, but also took us to the bookstore to read, standing her leg pain. Mom is very hard.

My brother sometimes helps me wash apples, and he also teaches me singing and telling me stories. He loves me, too.

I love everyone in my family.

Three and a half years old

Grade one of Qingnian Street Primary School in Yuanping City, Shanxi Province_ I love my motherland,

I was nurtured by her beautiful mountains and rivers,

Her history and culture nourished me.

I love my country.

She has the lowest basin in the world,

She has the longest wall in the world & hellip; & hellip;

I love my country.

When the solemn national anthem is sung,

Watching the five-star red flag rise into the sky,

Patriotism is surging in my mind.

I love my country.

Only with her can we Chinese!

I love my country.

Sixth grade: Xu Linxiao: I love my motherland_ The content of this page is composed of "read. 4" ”Push for you I love your motherland

Motherland, you are a great mother

Motherland, you are a green tree

Motherland, you are the great wall of flesh and blood

Motherland, you are an umbrella to support a blue sky for us

Motherland, you are the towering mountains standing in our hearts

Motherland, you are the boundless sea, constantly pregnant with the Chinese nation's children and grandchildren

Motherland, you are that thick book to bring us infinite wisdom

Motherland, you are the sails that set sail. Let's fly our dreams and set sail from now on

Motherland, you are the beacon in your heart and guide us

Motherland I love you

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