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The beauty of autumn

Autumn is like a lovely child, waving with a brush, putting new clothes on the leaves. Autumn is like a girl in flower season, and the clear sky is like her pure and beautiful heart. Autumn, like a strong youth, holds up the blue sky with his arms and opens up a new road for us. Autumn is coming, and the sky is like a sapphire covering the earth.

The small pond outside the village has clear eyes, staring at the beautiful sky. A pair of little white geese side their heads to appreciate their reflection in the water. Maple leaves in the valley, I do not know whether to drink excessive wine, red like a fire. The rice in front of and behind the village, with their heads down and bent over, is waiting for people to harvest in the autumn wind. In the air, there are geese in the shape of "human". They sing happily, say goodbye to people and fly slowly to the horizon.

The beauty of autumn is mature, it is not so shy as spring, so open in summer, so introverted in winter. The beauty of autumn is rational, it is not as charming as spring, so hot in summer, so implicit in winter. The beauty of autumn with that burst of cool wind, I know that the hot summer is about to pass, I like the beautiful autumn is coming. In my heart, autumn is not only a colorful season, but also a fruitful and fruitful season.

Look! In the park, one after another proud blooming chrysanthemum, colorful, varied, very beautiful. Some rose withered, some are still in full bloom, red like fire, pink like Xia, white like snow. Morning glory blossoms blow their trumpets to convey the news of the arrival of autumn.

On both sides of the Panshan Road, the Parthenocissus climbed hard in the autumn wind and replaced the red dress. Maple mother's maple leaves, in the autumn wind under the wind, floating to all directions, with her friend's greetings. Golden poplar trees and red maple trees make the earth colorful, making the whole hillside into a golden ocean and red carpet.

In the vegetable field, the green Chinese cabbage is endless, bringing infinite vitality to the earth. Snail shell like cabbage fluffy, white radish like youth in green, showing a strong body, radish like a shy little girl, sneaking out of the head, but hiding under the green leaves, peeping into the outside world.

In the field, the corn grandfather smiles to the autumn wind, the autumn wind younger brother gave it yellow, the corn grandfather is happy, the happy beard has been dyed yellow. Brother, red autumn wind to it. Brother Gao Liang raised the burning torch. Baby peanuts lie quietly in the cradle, waiting for the farmers to carry them home. In a knee deep soybean field, pods are bulging. Several golden beans are shining in the sun. Like a lovely baby, waiting for people to hold it. Potato sister, some are purple, some are yellow, there are countless small black spots on it, like the eyes of potatoes. Bags of potatoes were standing neatly in the field, waiting for the farmers to transport them home. The heavy ears of grain bent with a smile.

In the orchard, clusters of grapes hang full of branches, red apples hidden under the green leaves, looking outside, in the autumn wind, nodding frequently, yellow pear like a golden gourd, bite, sweet and crisp.

On the hillside, seabuckthorn is like delicate abacus beads strung on the branches. From a distance, it seems that the trees are covered with yellow lanterns. The crimson on the plateau of Inner Mongolia is like red lanterns, sitting around the leaves and playing games.

Ah! That beautiful autumn, always can bring people the joy of harvest, and satisfaction. Ah! Autumn, we all love you very much! The beauty of autumn I love the beautiful spring, but I love the fruitful autumn more.

The chrysanthemums are in full bloom in the park. They compete with each other to open up and compete with each other. There are yellow, white and purple. They are very beautiful. White as snow osmanthus also opened, small and exquisite petals hidden in the golden stamen, sending out a charming fragrance, how comfortable to smell!

The fruit in the orchard is ripe. Apple red, like a girl's shy face. A yellow orange pear, like a small gourd, bending the branches, some "small gourds" even simply sit on the ground. On the vine, there are clusters of purple grapes. Like an agate, flashing in the sun, very beautiful.

The crops in the fields are also ripe. The golden rice bent and laughed. Sorghum is as red as a flame, burning people's hearts. Soybean seems to have encountered something happy, even to the belly to laugh.

I like beautiful autumn very much. Autumn MEIXIA sister has just finished its hard work, autumn girl has been eager to come to take over.

Look! She dyed the ears of the field golden; changed the fruit into red; and made the old leaves fall asleep in the soil. I slowly came to the vast and boundless fields, full of golden fields, looking at the scene everywhere, I felt a kind of inexplicable happiness. Looking up at the sky, the sky is blue and blue, pure as blue crystal washed many times, making people feel cool in autumn.

Full of excitement, I walked on the path in the field. After walking for a while, I was really tired, so I came to rest under the big tree beside me. The tree is covered with yellow and red leaves, like a brown cushion, and I am the person sitting here, I feel very lucky! All of a sudden, a cool autumn wind blowing face-to-face, many leaves fell on the tree. They are like dancers, dancing in the air moving ballet. And I watched them like a loyal audience, watching them attentively. "Chirp, tweet..." What's the sound? There was a nest in the tree, and the sound was made by the birds. The sound is very regular, like a cheerful tune. Eh? There are songs and dances, this is not a performance! And it's a show of nature. I can't help but join the ranks full of happiness.

At this time, a cluster of chrysanthemums growing not far away smiles at me, as if in welcome to me. Chrysanthemum is the representative of autumn, you see, it opened how beautiful, how happy, how huge. It's very heavy. The petals overlap. They are facing the autumn wind and enjoying afternoon tea on the grass.

Autumn in the field, is so quiet, but also so lively. Here is really like a dream like world, let me very yearn for. Thanks to nature for creating such a fairyland on earth, let the content of this page be changed from "read. 4" ”For you to push me to see a place that people can't put down. The beauty of autumn gets up in the morning, only to see the leaves everywhere outside, it seems that there is a leaf rain. A cool wind blew, and I couldn't help shivering. The fallen leaves, the cool wind, seem to announce the arrival of autumn to people.

Although autumn is not as lively as the spring in full bloom, not as full of vitality in the summer with green trees and trees, nor is it unique in winter with thousands of miles of ice and snow, autumn shows its charm to people in its unique way. In autumn, some flowers wither and wither, but chrysanthemums are in full bloom in the bright sunshine. Yellow, white, purple, like dragon flying, like phoenix dance, like Festival fireworks, like beautiful coral, in the breeze, graceful, colorful. The leaves withered and yellow, the leaves of the mountain are red like sunset, like in the cold autumn challenge, really is "frost leaves red in February flowers". The swaying pines and cypresses in the wind are more green against the background of withered branches and yellow leaves. The fruitful fruits all over the mountains and fields hang high on the branches. The golden wheat waves in the fields of hope fluctuate with the wind. The joy of harvest is flying on the faces of industrious people. The songs of harvest are floating in the clear sky. Ah! This autumn is so beautiful, it is really intoxicating!

You must marvel at this magnificent golden land, and you must love the remarkable fruits. However, I want to praise this very common autumn!

I love this beautiful autumn, but also love this rich autumn. Autumn is coming! The campus has changed too!

Walking into the campus, the withered and yellow branches and leaves are falling one after another, just like a dancing butterfly, flying freely, but the more "flying", the more "Butterfly" is falling. Fall to the ground, like to the earth covered with golden autumn clothes, very beautiful! Students saw, can not help but issued a praise: "really beautiful ah" in this crisp autumn school, osmanthus sweet smile. Spread out the aroma, so that the whole school has a fragrance of osmanthus. Those white flowers in spring have turned into red fruits. They are very beautiful!

Entering the teaching building, there is a large open space next to it, called "small sky view". When autumn comes, the wool and seeds of kapok will fall. When I was a sophomore, I also fell the wool and seeds of kapok. My classmates and I pick them up from below. There are countless fluff and seeds. Some students take home after their birthday I'm also in the next pick-up, received also used to blow! Looking back on the interesting events at that time, I felt very happy.

The banyan trees in the banyan corridor have always been green. They are for us to run under the trees, jump rope, play badminton There are several trees beside the banyan corridor, which are covered with countless fruits. The birds came and pecked at the fruit in the tree. When you are full, you fly to the wire and "keep your eyes closed.".

In autumn, the school is so beautiful! I like autumn, more like the campus!