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To enjoy the flowers diary

This morning, my mother took me to the cherry garden of Wuhan University to enjoy the flowers. The contents of Journal 1 are as follows: "read. 4" ”Push 00 words for you

The scenery of cherry orchard is so beautiful! From a distance, camellia, peach blossom, cherry blossom, as well as Jasmine & hellip; from a distance, camellia is like a small red lantern hanging on the branches, green leaves set off one after another of the red flowers, beautiful! A breeze blowing, cherry blossom like a beautiful pink butterfly flying in the tree; yingchunhua 'standing on both sides of the garden path, like a beautiful welcome Miss welcome our arrival; peach blossom in full bloom, the petals of peach blossom look like children's smiling faces & hellip; & hellip;

The beautiful scenery of spring is really unforgettable! "Spring is the plan of a year". We should cherish the beautiful spring!

Teacher's comments: the structure of the article is clear, the levels are clear, the sentences are smooth and the words are accurate. In the process of description, metaphor and personification are used to depict a beautiful spring scene.