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My environmental diary

After dinner this afternoon, my mother and I went shopping in the supermarket. Diary grade six diary

The supermarket is full of goods. I wanted my mother to buy pears, and she agreed. My mother and I went to buy pears hand in hand. When they get to the place where they buy pears, people crowd around like they are playing with bumper cars. My mother asked me to stand by. I saw a layer of paper outside the pear fell to the ground, so I quickly picked it up and threw it into the garbage can nearby. My mother picked out the pear and went to the cashier to pay for it. Instead of using the plastic bag given by the cashier, my mother took out her own cloth bag from the bag. After loading the pears, we went home happily.

On the way home, I asked my mother, "why can't we use plastic bags? "My mother told me: 'plastic bags buried in the soil will not rot and damage the ecological environment. If we want to protect the environment from pollution, we should not use plastic bags. '

This day, I did two environmental protection things in the supermarket, and I was very happy. I'm very happy on the way!


I still remember when I was in grade one, my grandparents liked to buy frogs for me. I eat frogs like a greedy cat.

I like to eat a piece of meat on the frog's thigh. It's oval. One end of the frog is on the table. I can't wait to take chopsticks, roll up my sleeves, grab the frog's long legs with both hands, and then deliver it to my mouth. Take a sip, take a look, lick it, take another look, and then slowly bite it with my teeth! It's crispy, tender, spicy and sweet. It makes my mouth and hands full of oil. Grandfather looked at it and said with a smile, "eat slowly. These are all for you. No one will rob you. 'I curled my mouth, held up a pair of greasy hands and made a strange look at my grandfather.

Once, the science teacher asked us to check the frog's information on the Internet. The information said: "frogs are good at catching pests. Frogs catch pests only by their long and wide tongue. As long as there are small flying insects flying by, they will jump up. Welcome to wechat: www 4hw for more knowledge. Open your mouth, quickly stick out your long tongue, and immediately eat the pests. The frog is the hero to protect the farmland. We should take good care of it. '

I froze. What a stupid thing I did!

From then on, I would never let my grandparents buy frogs any more, and I decided not to eat frogs any more. Because it's a frog. Students, let's protect the little frog together!