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New year diary 100 words

Today is the new year. Everyone wears new clothes and hats. Each household pastes couplets. As soon as the day dawned, people set off firecrackers. Today's breakfast, every family eats dumplings and dumplings, symbolizing Tuan Tuan Yuan, happiness and happiness. After breakfast, I went to pay New Year's greetings with adults. Adults always give children a lot of candy and lucky money. I can't hold it in my pocket.

After the new year, our mother took us to the park. The park was crowded with people. We had a good time. How nice it would be to have a birthday on this day of the new year?

What happened after the second new year of Dunyi primary school in Zhangjiajie, Hunan_ 100 words! The happy new year has passed, and all that remains is trouble. What about the trouble god horse? Homework, of course!!

Although the holiday is good, it's unfortunate to have homework!

Every year I put my homework at the end, and this year is no exception. I'm crazy about the new year. It's terrible after the new year. My homework really makes me yalishan big!

After the first day of the new year, I wrote two Chinese volumes of xiaoshengchu. Alas, how can I have time to play? Speaking of, we have a lot of homework left. Is that enough just now???

After the second day of the new year, I wrote a quiz for 46 days. Alas, the question is really difficult. There's no way. It's difficult to do~~

In fact, I'm also very upset, but who doesn't have those things after the new year?! Let's have fun! Winter vacation: a clean new year_ My family cleaned on Sunday. When I saw my grandmother sweeping the floor, I hurried to help. I took the broom and carefully swept it from the living room to the bedroom. It was so hot that I was sweating. After a while, I swept it clean. Mom is mopping the floor, dad is cleaning the glass, and grandma is cleaning the kitchen. She first brushes the dishes, then cleans the cupboard, sweeps the floor and mops the floor.

At noon, with the efforts of all of us, we finally finished cleaning. Looking at the beautifully cleaned new house, I felt very beautiful and didn't feel tired at all. Today, I feel the joy and hard work of labor, and have a happy new year. Celebrate the new year_ The 100 word new year is coming. The happiest thing is our children, because our parents buy us a lot of things, including books, clothes, lucky money, couplets and colored lights.

I also participated in the army's Spring Festival Gala. I sang a song "Happy New Year" for my uncle, uncle, aunt and children. Due to some minor defects in the CD, I still sang quietly. The audience stretched out their hands to beat for me. I sang very hard.

My parents praised me and said, 'our Yumeng is great! Grow up! " I think this new year is very meaningful. New year's wish_ 100 words new year, blessings. Our wish has come.

No child doesn't like the new year, because we have lucky money as soon as the new year comes. You can also make a wish. Of course, I have a wish. 1. I hope I can be admitted to a good middle school. 2. I hope my parents and grandparents are healthy. 3. I hope my mother can understand me in the future and don't always scold me. 4. I hope I can grow taller. (because my mother always says I'm short)

Think about it, it seems that only the first wish can be realized through my own efforts, then I will also strive to realize my wish.

I heard that children's wishes are easier to realize, so I'll try my best! Chinese New Year Capriccio_ On the evening of new year's Eve, I came home from work and walked on the sidewalk with significantly fewer pedestrians than in the past. My ears were bombarded by fireworks and firecrackers. Some things like fog, smoke and dust came to my face, choking people a little blind and out of breath.

At night, the sound of bombing was still heard. I wanted to share the highlights of the Spring Festival Gala with my countrymen and countrymen, but my wish to welcome the bell of the year of the horse was difficult to achieve. The volume of the TV was turned to the maximum, and I couldn't hear what the host and actors were talking about and singing! Helpless & hellip& hellip;

Go to bed! Good idea! Don't even dream! Another round of bombing has begun. Sleep until dawn with your eyes open!

In the morning, I looked out of the window. Where's the road? Where are the flowers and trees on the roadside? Did I become short-sighted overnight? Or did the road move last night? A little confused & hellip& hellip;

On the 8:00 am shift, I waited for the bus at the platform. I waited left and right. I didn't see the bus coming. It turned out that the bus didn't dare to come. I didn't expect such a good guy to dare sometimes. Let's go. Looking at the occasional car with flashing lights crawling slowly like a snail, I suddenly have the idea of competing with it to see who gets to the end first. It's funny!

The weather forecast says it's sunny today. It seems that father-in-law sun will have to work hard to get out and meet you!

Who caused this! You know what?

Senior Three: the heart dust is still celebrating the new year_ 400 words in the sound of firecrackers, we ushered in the Chinese people's biggest festival - the Spring Festival. Every family was jubilant, hung red lanterns and pasted Red Spring Festival couplets, and was busy & hellip& hellip;

The first day of the first month is another happy day.

I used to be the last person to get up, but today I won the first place because I really want to smell the smell of firecracker smoke. A string of firecrackers were lit in people's hands. The sound was so loud and splashed everywhere. It seemed to send every blessing to thousands of families. Bursts of firecrackers continued to crackle and bustle.

After the sound of firecrackers, there is no fun.

Let's have breakfast and go out later! After dinner, I invited some friends to play together. The firecrackers lit in the street opened beautiful flowers on the ground. They were very beautiful. The pocket money given by my parents was contained in the bag, not to mention how happy it was. Today's birds also come out to join the fun. Maybe they are also very happy.

The street is worthy of the street, with everything to play and eat. Most of the children I saw were children. I looked and counted the best business of spicy stall: 'I want a string of New Year cakes!' Cried a fat child. How about going somewhere else? In front of a stationery stall, I stopped again. There are all kinds of things to play with: model planes, telescopes, electric cars & hellip& hellip; It's full of fun. I find that the most popular things are those that play. In other places, I also see some selling balloons, pistols and rope skipping, and some selling snacks, snacks and fruits. They have everything to wear and eat. Chinese New Year_ As soon as I mentioned the Chinese new year, I thought of setting off firecrackers, watching the Spring Festival Gala and eating New Year's Eve dinner & hellip& hellip;。 My favorite is setting off firecrackers.

After new year's Eve dinner, we watched the Spring Festival Gala. Grandpa said, 'we'll set off firecrackers at 12 o'clock.' When the New Year bell rang, we ran to the yard and set off firecrackers. Grandpa lit the incense first, lit a 3000 whip and ran to the distance. As soon as Grandpa stood firm, the whip 'snapped', and the red pieces of skin burst and spread all over the ground. I chose a beautiful flower and gave it to Grandpa. Grandpa put the flower on the ground and lit it. This time, before grandpa ran far, the flower opened up, like a Christmas tree with red, green, white and purple flowers. It was very beautiful. Sometimes it sounds like a bird calling, and sometimes it sounds' pop pop pop ', which is very nice.

My favorite 'small tank' is both beautiful and fun. There is the shape of a tank. When you touch it, it will 'whoosh' and run one meter away. When it stops, it will release orange flowers like a tank shooting.

This is what I like to do most in the new year -- setting off firecrackers. Chinese New Year_ 350 words Chinese New Year! Chinese New Year! Everyone is looking forward to the new year, adults want to get together, children want to have their own new clothes, many delicious and fun things, and their own red envelopes.

On the morning of new year's Eve, my father took me and my mother back to my mother-in-law's house, which is in Nanchong. It took us more than three hours to get to grandma's house. As soon as we entered the house, I gave them an auspicious word: 'I wish you good health and all the best!' After lunch, grandma took me shopping. We came to the supermarket. WOW! The supermarket is crowded with people. The goods are arranged neatly and rich. I can't see it.

We came to the street again and saw that the door of the canteen and the trees on the street were covered with all kinds of lanterns. As if I were in the ocean of lanterns.

In the evening, after dinner, I watched the Spring Festival Gala. I picked up my mobile phone and sent a text message to the teacher saying, 'I wish you a happy new year, all the best and good health!' The teacher replied, 'thank you. I also wish you a happy new year and learning progress!' I feel sweet when I see the text message.

Finally, at 12 pm, we picked up firecrackers and set them off in the open space. The sound of firecrackers suddenly sounded around me. The sound became louder and louder. As soon as I looked up, I saw the colorful fireworks in the night sky. Some fireworks are like meteor showers, and some fireworks swim in the night sky like auspicious dragons. Turn the dark night sky into a dazzling sky.

I like the new year, because it gives people a warm and happy feeling! Chinese New Year_ In 800 characters, there is a monster called Nian. Every new year's Eve night, it comes out to eat people. Everyone dares not come out to play on New Year's Eve night. Later, a brave man found that Nian is most afraid of firecrackers, so he drove Nian away with fireworks. Everyone is ecstatic. Therefore, every new year's Eve night, people come out to set off fireworks, which is also called New Year's Eve! " My mother took the story book and read it to me with relish. I was in a cold sweat. I was determined to set off firecrackers this new year's Eve!

Finally, it's new year's Eve. It's almost 11:50. It's time to set off fireworks. My mother and father specially found an empty space downstairs to set off fireworks. Let's put the bought fireworks aside first. Now, it is the busiest time to set off fireworks. Just listening to the sound of "boom" and "bang", beautiful fireworks bloom one after another, like colorful chrysanthemums. In the dark and mysterious sky, they bloom in an instant and wither rapidly. At this time, the moon and stars are not very prominent. Colorful and magnificent fireworks, that beautiful moment, I really want to take a picture of it with my camera, but the fireworks are wonderful, and the beautiful moment disappears too fast to catch. I'm not a professional photographer. I have to write down the most dazzling moment in my mind.

Seeing the excitement of others setting off fireworks, we immediately felt itchy. We quickly took out a fireworks called "magic wand". I held the "magic wand" in one hand. My father lit the fireworks with a lighter. I held the "magic wand". Suddenly, in my life, a cluster of sparks rushed out of the magic wand, rushed to the distance, and then made a "bang". Ha ha, it's fun, I let out golden fireworks in all directions. In the black sky, they burst into such a beautiful moment, releasing the last energy and turning into a little Mars. Finally, only a wisp of clear smoke disappeared in the night. " When the magic wand 'ran out, we began to set off another kind of fireworks. This kind of fireworks is a cannon. We lit the fuse of the cannon. We only heard a few bangs. The red fireworks burst into the sky, and then a bang bloomed in the air, like a lotus blooming in the lake and flying when a ballet dancer danced