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Dumpling diary

Today, when all the family were there, my mother said, 'let's make dumplings together!' Diary 100 words

Mother went to the vegetable market to buy meat filling with noodles and began to make dumplings. I'll follow my mother's example, take the content of this page, push up a pastry for you by "read. 4hw. Com. CN" and put it on my palm. Then, I pick up a pair of chopsticks, pick up a chopstick and put the meat stuffing in the middle of the pastry. Then, turn the dough over, close it with the opposite side, pinch it on the side with your hand, and then fold several corners on the edge. In this way, one dumpling will be wrapped.

In this way, I made a lot of dumplings. Later, I saw some of my dumplings come loose. I picked up these dumplings, and I pinched and pinched them vigorously, folded and folded them. However, I saw these dumplings still open. So I asked my mother. Mother said, 'you pack too much meat, of course not!' So I reduced some meat stuffing and succeeded!

When my mother cooked it, I ate one. It seemed that this dumpling was very delicious. Ah, because I paid the price of labor and got my due return.