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I took the single wooden bridge for the first time

Diary > first grade diary I took the single wooden bridge for the first time_ 100 word diary summer vacation diary

I went out to play today

The master played

Walk a single wooden bridge at the National People's Congress

I'm always quick

I stood up straight and walked through

Mother stood by and taught me

She agreed to practice again today

We can rest tomorrow

Then she demonstrated it to me

I did it again as she did

But my feet didn't move and my head always looked back and forth

I'm afraid something crawls out of the crack in the stone under the bridge to scare me

But I'm finished and nothing comes out

Then I think it's because of my bravery that scared them away

I don't think the single wooden bridge is dangerous

I saw a lot of flowers

They are colorful and beautiful

The lanterns in the trees are also shining, which is very beautiful

The lanterns on the distant building are so beautiful

People wear red and green clothes

How happy you are

Grade 1: Wang Yihong 1 unforgettable first time to take a bus alone_ 450 words. I took the bus alone for the first time

In the course of my life, there are many first times. They are like shining pebbles embedded in my mind and reflect the glory of childhood. Among them, the most unforgettable thing is that I took the bus alone for the first time a year ago

At that time, my family had just moved to Tongjing. At this time, it was very inconvenient for me to go to school. My mother let me go to and from school by bus. At first, I promised that it was very easy to go to and from school by bus alone. But when I was sent to the bus by my mother, my heart was like carrying a little rabbit and jumping all the time. Various questions also surfaced in my mind: what if I don't bring enough money? What if the driver doesn't stop at the place where he should get off? What if I take the wrong bus& hellip;& hellip; Question marks, big and small, seemed to turn into stones and hang on my heart. " Children, please buy tickets. " The voice of the conductor interrupted my thinking. I hurriedly took out five yuan and handed it over. I handed it over tremblingly and asked, 'is this enough money?' The conductor smiled and said: children, it only costs one yuan to take a bus.

Then he gave me four yuan. After a while, I arrived at the place where I should go. I just heard the conductor shout; The content of this page to the second small school is pushed by "read. 4hw. Com. CN", and those who go to the supermarket get off here. So I jumped out of the car and went to school.

Many times, the first time is never as difficult as imagined, nor as simple as it seems. As long as you are brave and fearless, you will make achievements and surpass yourself.

Grade 6: Dreamer 1200