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When a blind man

On Friday, the teacher assigned an interesting homework. Let's be blind and experience their life. Diary pupil diary

When I got home, I picked up a red scarf and covered my eyes. Suddenly, it was dark and I couldn't see anything. My blind life began. I first went to the study to do my homework. I touched the study East and West. It was not easy to touch the study. At this time, with the sound of "bang", the content of my &ld page was pushed to you by "read. 4hw. Com. CN"; Wow 'screamed. I untied my red scarf and saw that I bumped into the desk and knocked down the pen holder on the desk. The pain made me cry. After a few minutes of rest, I covered my eyes and sat at my desk and began to do my homework. But because I couldn't see it, the words I wrote were crooked and very funny. Some were written on the top, some below, and some in the place I just wrote. At this time, my mother called me to eat in the restaurant. I usually rushed over as soon as I heard the call to eat, but today I was blind, so I had to be patient and hold the wall step by step to explore carefully for fear of bumping into something again. Finally arrived at the restaurant, touched a chair and sat down. I heard my father say to my mother, 'today's fried shrimp tastes really good'. I don't know if my father is deliberately stimulating me. Fried shrimps are my favorite. I'm so greedy that my saliva almost flows down. But because I'm blindfolded and don't know where the dishes are, I have to pound them around on the plate with chopsticks. After a long time of pounding, I finally caught something and put it in my mouth, 'Wow, it's terrible!' I immediately vomited out and cried. It turned out that I had caught a piece of arrowhead, which I disliked most. I suddenly became angry. I pulled off the red scarf from my eyes and shouted angrily: 'it's wrong, it's wrong, it's too hard to be a blind person, I don't want to be a blind person for a minute!'

Through this experience of blind people's life, I really feel that it is not easy to be a blind person. Even simple things such as eating are so difficult to do, which makes me know the value of eyes and the pain, helplessness and loneliness of being a blind person. We should cherish our bright eyes and care for the blind.