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The first time I saw a beggar

In people's eyes, beggars are always dirty representatives and ugly incarnations. But in my eyes, beggars are pathetic. It's going back to one day four years ago. Diary 100 words

That day, I went shopping alone for the first time. Suddenly I saw two beggars at the door of the bookstore. One old and one young, he looks yellow and skinny, and the old man is as thin as a log. She was wearing a dirty and worn coat, her black and dirty face was covered with wrinkles, her silver hair was messy, and several strands of silver hair hung on her forehead, like silver snakes. The shoes were old and out of shape, and even the laces were cracked. The boy sat behind her, so I couldn't see him. When someone passed in front of her, she always said in a hoarse and low voice, 'sir (Miss), please be kind and give us some money!' The words are full of begging, but what's the matter? Passers by either ignored her or shouted at her, 'beggar, get away!' Passers by came and went, but her bowl was still empty.

Suddenly, a little boy ran over with a hot steamed stuffed bun in his hand. He accidentally bit it and fell off. He was stunned and ran away. The steamed stuffed bun rolled like this until it reached the old man's feet. The old man bent down and looked around when no one noticed her. She picked up the steamed stuffed bun with lightning speed, put it in her arms and wiped it with her clothes. Then he patted the boy on the shoulder and handed him the steamed stuffed bun.

At this time, I saw that he was very close to my age. When the old man gave him the steamed stuffed bun, he quickly grabbed it with a bamboo like hand. When he was about to put it into his mouth, he took it out, divided the steamed stuffed bun into two parts and gave the other half to the old man. At that time, I clearly saw the old man's eyes full of tears and a few drops of tears. She touched the boy's head and ate the steaming steamed stuffed bun with relish.

At this time, I couldn't help feeling out the loose money in my pocket, went to her, put it in the bowl, and then ran away quickly. I look back from time to time when I run. She looked at me affectionately, as if to say, 'thank you, child& Welcome to wechat: www4hw get more knowledge. rdquo;

Since then, when I help others, I always ask myself, 'why don't so many adults help her?' Singing from the bottom of my heart: 'as long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world'.