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Show mercy at the students' feet

There is a beautiful grassland in Yixin garden of our school, which is full of fragmentary flowers. In spring, the grass is very green and the flowers are very gorgeous. Diary fifth grade diary

One noon, when I came to the school, I saw Wang Chao and several children playing on the lawn. They stepped on the upright grass and lowered their heads. I went up and welcome to pay attention to wechat: www 4hw to get more knowledge. He said to Wang Chao, 'how can you step on the lawn everywhere?' I love playing. Can you manage it? " Wang Chao retorted. It seems to me that hard is not good, so I have to come soft, 'look how painful the grass under your feet is! They lowered their heads as if to say & lsquo; Little master, let us go. Be merciful and leave green under your feet & rsquo I said. " I'm just playing on the grass. What's more, grass has no life. They are for people's entertainment. " Wang Chao retorted again. " You're wrong. Everything in the world has life. How can grass have no life? Like people, grass knows pain and has its own joys and sorrows. We should treat them like people. How can grass be our slave? " Cut, cut 'Wang Chao hummed reluctantly.' Wang Chao, think about it. As a primary school student, we should have basic morality. A few days ago, the head teacher didn't ask us to collect & lsquo; Advise rujun to take more steps and don't use the lawn as a road & rsquo; In that case? The teacher not only asked us to collect, but also asked us to take good care of the lawn from the bottom of our heart! It is everyone's responsibility to take good care of the lawn. " I advised him. Wang Chao lowered his head in embarrassment and left with a red face. After several consecutive noon, I peeked on the grass and there was no more Wang Chao.

Persuasion can correct students' wrong thoughts and prevent students' bad behavior. If we take the initiative to persuade others and accept them with an open mind, our life will be more harmonious and the campus will be better!