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The most unforgettable barbecue

Sunday is coming. It's sunny and cloudless. Isn't it a good day for barbecue? Our family came to the barbecue. Diary 200 words

Barbecue begins. Welcome to wechat: www4hw get more knowledge. I took the look of an adult, put the fork on the chicken wings, and then put the fork on the chicken wings on the barbecue rack, but the fire was small and refused to come up, so I picked up the newspaper and forced to fan the air inlet below. After a while, the ash flew all over me, my eyes couldn't open, and I choked to death. I coughed constantly. At this time, the fire came up and the carbon fire made a 'crackling' sound. At this time, I quickly turned over the chicken wings and looked at it. Ah! It's already scorched. Look at the delicious chicken wings baked by my mother. I want to eat it.

Although my chicken wings were burnt, I learned to make a fire.

This day is unforgettable!