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At that moment I smiled

Autumn wind, across the dawn. Drizzle drizzled on my cheeks. At that moment, I smiled, moving and happy. There was still a trace of sleep in the corners of my eyes, but my heart was hot.

It was an early morning in sixth grade. As soon as I got up, I heard a sad news: my test results came out! But it's very bad!

In an instant, my heart hung up and jumped 'plop plop'. When I came to the class, I saw the teacher holding a pile of test papers and walking slowly towards the podium. With a straight face, he sometimes looked at his watch, sometimes held his glasses, and looked like he wanted to scold people.

'tick, tick ', I look at the clock hanging on the wall. Time goes forward second by second, as if it is no different from usual, but why is my heart more and more flustered?

'PA!', The teacher whipped the whip and said, 'this class exam is extremely bad!' He roared angrily. " Especially you! " He hurled the whip to our corner.

At that moment, I was discouraged. My hands trembled uncontrollably, tears were about to overflow, and everything in front of me was vague. The classroom was quiet. I didn't know whose ruler fell to the ground in front. The sound of 'Da' was particularly harsh.

After class, I quietly walked out of the classroom, opened my arms, felt the touch of light wind and rain, and listened to the whispers of plants and trees to me. Looking up at the sky, I sighed helplessly.

'Hey!' Someone patted me on the shoulder, and I looked up -- it was Xiao Ning. " what's wrong? It's just that the results are poor for the time being. Just try hard next time! "

'you don't know how I feel.' I said.

'why don't I know! Your grades have always been better than mine. Although you failed in the exam this time, you are still higher than me! " He was so anxious that he was about to jump up.

Yes, he did not do well in the exam. In fact, I'm pretty good in class. I feel much better when I think so. As the saying goes, "success is not proud, failure is not inferiority complex", as long as you work hard and make progress, you will have a clear conscience.

I finally smiled. His eagerness to comfort me and encourage me makes people laugh. " Good brother! " I hugged him.

'ha ha ha & hellip& hellip;' Hearty laughter, accompanied by sincere friendship, echoed for a long time in the jasmine scented campus. This laughter moistens me, accompanies me and inspires me until today & hellip& hellip;

At that moment, I smiled 450 words. Laughter is a sacred word. It can make people forget their troubles and swim in joy-- notes preceding the text of a book or following the title of an article

After entering junior high school, my schoolwork began to become heavy. All kinds of exercise books and reference books in my schoolbag replaced the original position of comic books. The playfulness during class became a whisper in the classroom, and the teacher's instruction also replaced my mother's nagging.

Life in my eyes began to become boring and monotonous, just like the rainbow after the rain. The colorful colors only stay in the air for a moment, and then become lighter and lighter, until they lose their original beauty.

I thought my low tide would not be noticed, but I still didn't escape the eyes behind me.

One day when I came home from school, I found an envelope on the table. There is also a note attached to it, which is mother's handwriting: laughter is a sacred word, which can make people forget their troubles and swim in joy. Troubles will increase with age, but happiness can't decrease. Even if you have thousands of unhappiness, try to laugh, and you will find a new and different sky.

After reading the note, I opened the envelope curiously. Inside, there were a pile of colorful photos, all of which were mine. Take a closer look. I'm smiling, laughing, giggling and bad laughing in the photos. The photos rolled over in front of me one by one, and the pressure was released little by little. Looking at me, the corners of my mouth rose involuntarily, evoking an arc, and I smiled. When the last photo turned out, I really found a piece of sky. That mountain of pressure went through with the photos. I finally found my ordinary and confident self. Suddenly, I felt so relaxed that I didn't even notice that I was in tears.

Mom is right. Laughter is indeed the most sacred word in the world. It can really make people forget their troubles and swim in joy. At that moment, I smiled 250 words. Have you ever smiled from your heart, my friend? Maybe, maybe not. I can't forget that day because it was my most exciting moment. I am most happy on the night of the Mid Autumn Festival.

The day before the Mid Autumn Festival, the teacher suggested that we hold a 'class type Mid Autumn Festival Seminar' to exchange learning experience and select class cadres. I'm excited and looking forward to the election. I discussed it with my mother. My mother said, 'if you can't choose it, you don't perform very well in school'.

On the night of the Mid Autumn Festival, the sky was particularly bright and the moon was particularly round. I came to school with pleasure and the Mid Autumn Festival seminar began. The teacher first asked us to put forward some suggestions about learning for a while, and then the teacher said to start the election.

I began to run for team leader and finally for team leader. It seems that I have been running for a century. My opponents are Zhang Hao and Wang Gang. It's time to vote. I'm nervous.

After ten minutes, the teacher began to count the votes, and I became nervous again. " Zhang Hao has 11 votes, Wang Gang has 10 votes and Dong zikun has 28 votes.

I won. At that moment, I smiled from my heart!

At the fourth day of Dequan school, I smiled 300 words. I treasure a red maple leaf in my diary. Whenever I open my diary, the first thing is that the red and burning maple leaf jumps into my eyes. It seems to bring me to that mysterious childhood & hellip& hellip;

I have experienced many things in the process of growing up. I remember once my uncle brought a 'flying pigeon' electric car from other places. I saw it. My hands itched. I immediately pushed the car, 'PA!' Ouch! " My thin body was occupied by the electric car. My uncle looked at it and quickly picked up the electric car and picked me up. That time, the word "electric vehicle" planted seeds in my young heart.

Since then, I let my uncle hold the electric car and I learned to ride by myself. " Gudong! " Let me make out with the earth, fall down and get up again! Every time, my face is swollen, black and purple. My mother looked at it and painfully took medicine for me, a hard work and a harvest. Gradually, I finally learned to ride an electric car. At that moment, I smiled. That smile was a victory smile; That smile is a hard smile. Happy smile, sweet smile, calm smile, comfortable smile & hellip& hellip;

Because the smile of victory is always so happy! I smiled & hellip& hellip;

At the third day of West Street Primary School, she smiled 300 words. It was a story a few years ago. The story took place in a poor mountain village. A mother and her husband were hit by a car when their boy was three years old and died in an accident. Since then, the burden of the whole family and the whole tribe lay on her. She had to let herself go anyway

Her son had dinner, so she always had one meal before the next. Because she always felt that she owed too much debt to her children. She worked hard to earn money borrowed from her relatives and friends for her children to finish primary school, junior high school and senior high school, and when she was admitted to college. However, she did not let her children take the college entrance examination. Because she knew in her heart that if her children took the college entrance examination, they would be admitted to key universities. But now she has no money for her children to go to college. Her children knew and begged her. As soon as her heart softened, she promised her son to take the college entrance examination.

No one expected that her son would play at a higher level during the college entrance examination. He was recommended to key universities in Wuhan with excellent results. On the third day of the announcement of the college entrance examination results, his school held a celebration ceremony for him. The mother smiled at his son's celebration ceremony. At that moment, she smiled, she smiled happily, because she didn't feel ashamed of their ancestors and her husband. She finally turned her son into a pillar by her own strength.

At that moment, she smiled happily. At that moment, I couldn't forget 300 words. I always thought there was no magic in the world. The magic and spells in TV dramas were made by computers. However, when I saw yif's magic, my faith was broken. At that moment, I can't forget.

I saw yif's magic in the happy camp 'time will take away all emotions, only happiness is worth remembering'. I was shocked, not because of the magic or the superb technique, but the internal meaning of the magic.

The theme of magic is: in the passing years, the really valuable moments that stay in our memory and comfort our hearts are the happy moments we once had. Yif gives this magic a perfect meaning. Magic has a strong sense of shock: the smoke comes out of thin air, and the card box becomes old in the smoke, which represents the passage of years; Cards become sand, which means that what once made us sad is ultimately insignificant.

Ten thousand years later, sadness and trouble will become powder and sand, and only happiness will stay forever.

Very beautiful, very touching magic. This magic not only shocked me by the sense of picture, but also by the touch of soul. Looking back on the past, the things that once made us cry are actually not important. Because the passage of time will take everything away.

After watching this magic of interaction between soul and soul. I can't forget the moment that made me cry. At that moment, I was very happy. At night, the street lights on both sides of the road lit up, but my heart was dark. Until that moment, a warm candle lit up my heart. I know that I am happy at the moment.

When I got home, the danger alarm sounded in my heart. The 'deer' was disobedient and rampant. It was so tight that my heart could not be peaceful. Alas, it's a long story. Yes, I'm in trouble again. " I'm back. " As soon as you listen to the serious tone, you know that a nightmare is coming. Not daring to make a sound, I put on my slippers and walked to the room in no hurry. I was afraid he would see that there was a ghost in my heart, but he stopped me. " Come here, 'I twitched my lips and didn't turn around,' I told you to come here and where to go. ' It was so fierce that it added tension to the atmosphere. When I smelled the smell of gunpowder, I quickly threw down my schoolbag and stood in front of my father and listened to my orders. " What good have you done? If you don't make trouble all day, you'll feel bad, won't you? " I pursed my lips and stared at his shoes. My hands' hid 'in the back and kept teasing. I was really uncomfortable. He was even more angry when I saw that I didn't respond. I didn't know how to stimulate him. For a moment, how easy it was, but I forgot the pain, covered my face, the face temperature kept rising, a lot of tears came out of my eyes, washed my face thoroughly, a bayonet twisted my heart, and the pain of tens of thousands of ants was more intense. He was really angry. Very wronged, the mother on one side came to protect me and check my injury, 'what are you doing? You can't beat your child even if you make a mistake.' I kept sobbing. After my mother's persuasion, we sat at the table and had a good talk. After understanding me, my father touched my face and said, 'don't cry