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Sunday, March 13, 2013 weather: Sunny

Diary > second grade diary March 13, 2013 Sunday weather: Sunny_ Today is sunny. My parents and I went to our 'happy farm' to harvest garlic seedlings and plant potatoes. Mom thought my garlic sprouts would be stolen. As a result, our garlic sprouts were short of fat and water. Maybe no one could see them. We pulled up garlic and then planted potatoes. It took us a lot of effort to dig the nest. We put the cut potato pieces into the nest and covered it with earth. As soon as Mom watered, the potatoes ran out, so we had to bury them again. Diary 400 words

In the future, I will often water and fertilize the potatoes, hoping that the potatoes I grow can bear big and round fruits.

Shuren Fengtian second grade: Wang Ruixiang 1 happy sunday_ On Sunday afternoon, my father and I went to the community park to play. I saw a white dog with big eyes and thin white hair. It's really cute. I like it very much. I ran over to its owner and said, 'uncle, can I hold it?' Uncle said, 'yes.'

So I took the dog to the slide. At first, the dog barked. I thought maybe it was a little scared. I picked it up and told it not to be afraid. After a while, it stopped barking and played happily with me. The dog wagged his tail and ran around me. Welcome to wechat: www4hw get more knowledge. Son is rolling on the lawn again.

I had a wonderful afternoon today.

Grade 3: Su Ruihan