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After the exam

Diary > after the second grade diary exam_ 150 words Friday, November 18 weather overcast diary 500 words

I've been playing with the mid-term exam. I've been thinking, where am I? The score of the 10th level exam came out. The teacher read our scores and didn't think about it. I won the first place in the math test. A few days later, the Chinese teacher read our scores. I took the sixth place in the exam. The content of this page was pushed by " reading" for you. Yes, I still took the exam less, because I am the monitor. I have been the monitor for a year. The teacher thought, LV Changlin has taken the exam for two hundred, and they are proud. The teacher also praised him. The teacher said that everyone in our class has made progress.

Second grade of Yucai School: Enlightenment from the mid-term examination after the examination_ 150 words Sunday, November 14

After the mid-term exam, the score came out. I'm a little satisfied with my Chinese score, I'm more satisfied with my math score, but my English score is a little poor, which makes me a little dissatisfied.

They say they accumulate what they have learned in half a semester during the midterm exam.

If you do badly in the exam, don't lose heart and continue to work hard; If you do well, don't be proud and try to do better next time. I got all these in the mid-term exam.

The Enlightenment from the mid-term exam will be of great help to me in the future.

Fourth grade: I like writing compositions