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Cross Fire

Diary > second grade diary crossing the line of fire_ 100 words diary of grade 4 at 9:14 on July 10, 2013

Just today, my mother can let me play computer! I was very happy. My mother said fiercely: 'I can only play for 1 hour. If it's more than careful, I'll hit you!' At this time, I said happily: 'no problem'. I started with crossing the line of fire. I believe everyone knows that crossing the line of fire is a violent game. You can't indulge in it!

When I started playing, I couldn't help singing a song. It's the most fun to cross the fire line. I want to experience it quickly. In this way, one day has passed, crossing the line of fire is always buried in my heart!

Grade 2 of Experimental Primary School in Zhoutie Town, Yixing City: Jiang Kechi 1 crosses the fire line biochemical pyramid_ 900 words at 3:25 p.m. on December 25, 2056

'help! The content of this page is pushed by "read. 4hw. Com. CN" Screams came from the pyramids. " Report to the United Nations, I'm a spirit fox. At present, there are many patients in the pyramid. Do you want to snipe them? " OK, you will join the flying tigers, Rose Group, seals and Black Hawks to kill him! " It turned out that a year ago, a group of ambitious scientists developed a drug - t virus, in order to make themselves strong. Unexpectedly, the experiment went wrong, and they became biochemical ghosts. Now many innocent people are about to face danger, and those caught will become ghosts.

December 26, 2056 7:20 a.m

The United team walked into the pyramid. When they first entered the pyramid, they saw machine guns scattered on the ground and many people fell to the ground -- they were warriors who killed themselves after being caught and didn't want to be ghosts. Suddenly, a large group of ghosts ran towards them. " Ah, hit it! " The Flying Tigers shouted first. " Bastards, Grandpa invites you to eat biochemical grenades! " Cried the black eagle. After shouting, he lost a grenade and went out. " Everybody back to the platform!: Said the night rose, who was good at observing the terrain. " Good! "

January 3, 2056 at 1 a.m

After seven days of hard work, the United team ran out of bullets. At this time, a hulk running out of the matrix caught two people in a row. " Help me, Captain! ' As soon as they finished shouting, they turned yellow -- they became fog ghosts. " Grandpa's, you dare catch my people. You're impatient, huh? ' Cried the Flying Tigers. With that, Gatling picked up two guns and swept him up.

January 19, 2056 at 12 a.m

After another 16 days, the people of the United Nations are exhausted. " His grandmother, if it goes on like this, you can only cut it with a knife! " It seems that we can only use the last way. " Said the fox hunter. " What can I do? " Everyone asked in unison. " Blow up the pyramids! " Is there only one way? " Yes. " After some thought, the United team finally decided to blow up the tower.

January 20, 2056 at 7 a.m

Under the cover of his teammates, the Black Hawk installed C4 everywhere in the pyramid. Just after installation, the United team ran out of the pyramid and closed the entrance of the pyramid. When the countdown came, the Black Hawk picked up the remote control, pressed the red key, and with a loud bang, the pyramid was. According to statistics, in this battle, 150762853 ghosts died, and 1500000 people were killed and infected.

At 10 a.m. on January 21, 2056

It was the end of the battle, but the clever seal team vaguely realized that it was not so simple. So the battle between humans and ghosts is over? So the huge ghost army was destroyed? I'm afraid it will always be a mystery & hellip& hellip;

Grade 5: Xiaopu