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Teacher, I want to tell you

Teacher, I want to tell you that you have worked hard. You are our most respected person. The content of this page is pushed for you by "read. 4hw. Com. CN".

Teacher, I want to tell you that you feed us like our mother, teach us new knowledge and how to be a man in class every day. In class, if someone talks, makes small movements or makes trouble, you don't beat and scold him, but look at him with reproachful eyes. You always teach us patiently that you can't stop after work or class, and you have to correct our homework.

Teacher, I want to tell you that every time after the class bell, the students quickly walk into the classroom, and you will come. How vivid, full and interesting your class is, a class will pass unconsciously.

Teacher, I want to tell you that once, a classmate in our class was ill. You used your rest time, took out your own money, bought her some fruit, went to the hospital to see her, and let her rest at ease. When she was well, you had to use your rest time to make up lessons for her. When you get home from work, you should cook, wash and do housework for your children like our parents. But you always smile at work without any bad expression.

Teacher, you are so hard!!! Teacher, I want to tell you that I used to be a naughty and ignorant naughty boy, but now I have become a polite, reasonable and knowledgeable primary school student. I want to thank my teachers. They dedicated their whole life to us. They illuminate us like lamps, cultivate us like hard gardeners, and take care of us like loving mothers.

Teacher, do you know? How much effort you have made! You use a bright red ballpoint pen to carefully batch our homework. Sometimes students forget to take things to school and find that other teachers have gone home. Only your office and the light is still on. The light flashes, as if to remind you that it's late at night and it's time to rest. Tired, you rubbed your eyes and continued your homework without feeling tired at all. Your little efforts are condensed in the bright red review. You have cultivated batch after batch of excellent students.

Do you remember? When you first came into the classroom to teach for us, I was attracted by you. Your clear and loud voice will always remain in my memory and echo in my ears. Your magical mouth speaks a lot of complicated topics clearly. Your class was lively and interesting. We listened with interest.

Do you remember? Every Tuesday is your busiest and most tired day. Once, you walked into the classroom, your face was pale and your lips were dry. But your face is full of amiable smiles. Your voice is getting lower and lower in class. I looked up and observed carefully. I found that your black and shiny hair had been mixed with dozens of white hair, and your forehead was covered with aging wrinkles. It looks like you have lost a lot of weight. Your clear and loud voice has become hoarse. At this time, you made bursts of coughing again, which made us feel distressed. After class, you left the classroom quietly with a slow step. The students went to the office to ask for your homework, but found that the office was empty. We went to the door room to find out. Only then did we know that you had a sick class today and are now in the hospital. At this time, some of the students were like frying the pot, talking about it, and some were like ants on a hot pot. Because there are still your classes in the afternoon. What should I do? We guessed that other teachers must take over. In the afternoon, the class bell rang, and the students sat in their seats waiting for the new teacher to come to class. At this time, teacher, we were all surprised when you walked into the classroom with a smile. It turned out that the teacher came back from the hospital in order not to delay our class. After class, you have to go back for treatment. The famous "troublemakers" in the class have also behaved a lot, and have been deeply influenced by your selfless dedication and selfless work spirit.

The teacher needs to go home and rest. Body first! But you often put our study first. In order to enable us to learn more knowledge and cultivate our healthy and happy growth, you gave up everything. You taught us to love the motherland and the people; You taught us to love labor and science; You taught us the truth of being a man. You have opened a window of knowledge for us. In front of us is the boundless blue sky. You let us fly freely!

Teacher, do you know? We are the peaches and plums you planted with your own hands. Our germination and growth are bathed in your sunshine rain and dew. You water and fertilize carefully every day, irrigate knowledge fertilizer for us, catch insects, change bad habits for us, and let us thrive. Without your efforts, there would be no us now. I am proud and happy to have such a teacher. Teacher, I sincerely want to say thank you. We will never forget your kindness all our life. I will live up to your expectations, study hard and become a useful talent for building the motherland in the future. We must add luster to teachers, schools and the motherland! Teacher, I want to tell you that when I was in the third grade, one day in English class, I was listening attentively, but the two students behind me were whispering. I thought to myself: just say what they say, as long as they don't disturb me. I was thinking, but I heard the sound of kicking tables and chairs and a little abuse from behind. At this time, the English teacher was walking in our direction. It seemed that he heard their curse. The two behind me seemed unable to see the English teacher and continued to make a fuss. I looked back carefully. The English teacher was stopping by me. Suddenly, I heard a "bang" and the English teacher's "ah" cry. I instinctively looked for a sound and turned around. It turned out that the English teacher was kicked by someone. I think: it must be the "good thing" done by the two students who are secretly fighting. At this time, the English teacher was looking at me angrily. I don't think the English teacher thinks I played it? Sure enough, in the fourth class, the head teacher called me to the office. There are many teachers in the office, and so are the English teachers. As soon as the head teacher saw me coming, he said to the English teacher, "did she kick you?"“ Yes, "the English teacher said positively. As soon as the head teacher listened, he chattered, "Xiao Li, you are a good student. A good student shouldn't kick the teacher, and it's still in class time..." I just wanted to say "it's not me..." the head teacher continued: "Li Tian, if you do something wrong, you should admit it and don't argue...". Teacher, I want to tell you, teacher, I want to tell you: last week, I didn't learn to read because the format you formulated limited my writing ability. Originally, I had a lot to say, but I had to do it according to your requirements. Now I have your requirements, but I used to write freely. However, my composition is not as good as before. So that day I want to relax and write some diaries freely. However, I have to learn to read.

I have been working very hard. Although I have achieved good results and improved from the fifth to the first, compared with the past, I am a lot of cadres. Now I am a little disappointed because I haven't even become a team leader. I hope the teacher is strict with me.

Teacher, you broke your heart for us. That day, my little brother was ill. You asked your two sisters to take him to the hospital. You carefully corrected the students' compositions and didn't let us go. I was very moved.

You worry about us every day, but I didn't read that day, and let you worry about the reason why I didn't. I really shouldn't have done that. excuse me! I will work harder in the future. Teacher, I want to tell you that it is very appropriate to describe my Chinese teacher with the poem "when the spring silkworm dies, the wax torch turns into ash and the tears begin to dry". I work hard to teach us knowledge every day. Teacher, you are a hardworking gardener, teacher, you are a candle, burning yourself and dedicating your youth to our knowledge seeking children.

I remember in PE class, when we were playing happily, a classmate's coat was broken while playing. After you knew this, you immediately sewed her clothes without saying a word. Teacher, you are like a mother and care about us all the time. We are like your children. You love us for a little thing, and we all remember it in our hearts.

One day, the weather was very cold. The class was like a cellar. A classmate had a cold and fever. The classmate told you that you didn't say anything. You took some medicine for her to eat. After a while, she was much better. Teacher, how selfless you are in my heart. Even a few pills are incomparably powerful.

Teacher, you are like chalk, selflessly dedicated your valuable life and left us endless knowledge.

In this semester, what I can't forget is that every time the students recite the text first, they will go to you to recite it for you. As long as they recite it first, you will give awards to the students. Especially if you get good results in the exam, you will also give awards to the students. I am one of them. I am the third in layer B. after listening to the news, I have a smile on my face all day, because this is the first time I have won the teacher's reward in my study, and the teacher also gave me a small book. As long as the teacher named me and praised me a few words, I was so excited that I didn't know how to be happy. This prize was even more unexpected. I excitedly opened the book and wrote on the first page, "as long as you are serious, knowledge is accumulated little by little, and as long as you pay, you will get a return." I looked at the teacher's delicate words and read the hope given to me by the teacher. I feel that as long as I am careful, patient, persistent and brave to face everything in my study, I will make progress. In this way, I stick to my study little by little. I climb and roll on the road of learning, and my grades gradually improve. I won't let the teacher's heart in vain.

Teacher love is like a golden key. She can open my closed heart; Teacher love is like a pair of gentle hands. She can not only mend clothes, but also brush away children's bitter tears. Chinese teacher, with your meticulous love, you have brought brilliance to my life. Teacher, I want to say to you, dear Miss Xiao:


You gave me a key full of wisdom to open the door to success! It was you who gave me a colorful dream and made me dream of traveling in the ocean of knowledge! You gave me a pair of brave wings, let me no longer be timid and fly freely!

Time is in a hurry, years pass, teacher, you left me many beautiful memories, everything moistens my heart

One hot summer afternoon, the hot sun mercilessly "roasted" the earth, and even the bright and vibrant flowers in the past have become eclipsed. Suddenly, bad news came from the school radio: a student of No. 2 primary school found the body when he went swimming in the river without permission. Now I don't know which class it is. Please count the number of teachers in each class!

The original beautiful and quiet campus has become panic. Suddenly a familiar figure appeared in front of the classroom... Ah! It's Miss Xiao! I see you sweating and anxious eyes