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May day diary 50 words

It's sunny on Sunday, May 2

Today, my mother took me to the bookstore. Many people and children in the bookstore were reading. I also read books for a while. My mother bought me a fairy tale book and a handmade book. My mother also invited me to McDonald's. I'm very happy.

Monday, May 3

Today, my parents took me to Jingyuan farm by the Yellow River. Dad fishing, my mother and I play with sand, and mud (I'm also barefoot) swing. I had a good time!

Mother said, 'May Day is happy and happy every day!


Today is may day, also the wedding anniversary of mom and dad. At noon, our family of three went to haohenlai. I'm very happy because mom and dad have been married for ten years.

The content of this page is pushed by "read. 4hw. Com. CN". In the evening, everyone goes back to grandma's house for dinner

Rice, noisy, so lively.

It was 9:30 when we got home. Grandpa happened to see us and said, 'let go of this box of fireworks'!' OK '. Dad said, and then Dad carried the fireworks out, Dong -- a sound like thunder came over. What's the matter? Ah! It was Dad shooting!


On the first day of the May Day holiday, I went to work with my mother. My mother said, 'if I help her, she will give me money.' Listen to my mother, this is the income from labor.

I mainly help my mother mop the floor. The floor is really dirty! I dragged it several times to clean it up! I dragged the mop dirty.

I earned two yuan today. It's not easy to earn these two yuan. I learned today that my parents work very hard every day. I want to save these two yuan and buy what I want. I'm very happy on May Day.


Today is may day. Grandma and grandpa came to my house by train from Xinyang yesterday to see me. After breakfast, my parents went to work overtime, so they took me to the park. In the park, there are green trees, red flowers, high mountains and green trees. The air is very fresh.

Let's play ocean ball. There are already many children there. Because I am tall, I became a 'brother'. I help the children dribble, like a transport captain. Boys transport monochrome and girls transport bicolor. I am responsible for transporting big balls. We look for our own balls like digging mines. Once, I fell into a pile of balls and was almost thrown by others as a ball! Then, we had a 'ball fight'. I picked up a big ball and threw it as a grenade. A child set up a 'mine' and asked me to step on the water. I immediately gave him a 'ghost head'. Unexpectedly, he was already on guard and kicked me a ball. I quickly dodged and narrowly avoided it. He came back with a 'chain ball' and I came with a 'thunderbolt gun' & hellip& hellip; Finally, I became a grinning 'big monster' to deal with several 'little soldiers', but there were many people and great strength, and evil outweighed good. Finally, I lost.

Then we went to play the Arab flying carpet. It was cool and exciting. My belly was cooled by the wind. When I took the crazy mouse, I felt that the speed was faster than light. I turned my head and passed a circle & hellip& hellip;

Although parents work overtime, but accompanied by grandma and grandpa, this' May Day 'is so happy!