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do housework

Be sure of your idea and take action at once. I got a basin of water, took a rag, brought a chair and began to clean the glass. I wiped it a few times and looked at it. I saw that the glass was full of dirty marks. It was almost a big flower face! What shall I do? I had to wash the dirty rag with clean water and then wipe it. In this way, I wiped it several times, and the glass was bright and clean.

Although my neck is sore, I look at the glass cleaned by me and don't mention how happy I am!

Grade one: uhdv doing housework_ Last Saturday morning, my mother and I were at home doing housework together. How many times have I done housework.

My mother taught me how to do housework. At first, my mother told me to sweep the floor first to sweep all the garbage on the floor. I said, 'I see, sweep the floor, I can.' I picked up my broom. I hit from all around to the middle, especially in every corner, in every dustbin.

Then the mother said, 'now, you mop the floor. Wet it before dragging, and then put the mop on the ground.

After more than an hour's delay, I dragged the floor upstairs and downstairs clean. I could almost see people coming.

Today, I did housework, although I was a little tired.

Sixth grade: Wolf blue does housework_ 600 words Sunday, the soft sunshine in winter shines on the kitten Mimi, everything seems very calm and warm. The indoor fortune bamboo looks fresh in the sunshine. The content of this page is pushed by "".

At this time, my mother was wiping the floor, and I passed by my mother. Suddenly, I found that my mother was drenched with sweat. I couldn't help feeling sad: my mother is so tired every day. I have grown up. I should help my mother share it. So I went into my mother, leaned down and said with concern, 'Mom, you are so tired, it's time to have a rest. Let me help you mop the floor!' Mother quietly agreed, with a happy smile on her face.

I found a mop in the bathroom. I put the mop in the sink and turned on the tap to soak it. Then he wrung the mop hard and came to the guest room. I dragged it out of the guest room. I dragged it carefully for fear of soiling the wall. Suddenly, I found a piece of dirt on the floor that couldn't be dragged clean, so I frowned and thought for a while. I found a small blade, wasted the strength of nine cattle and two tigers, and finally scraped the ground clean. My frown stretched out.

However, now there is another mistake, which makes me like the poem said, "just frown, but mind."

Because I don't screw the mop very dry, the feet I just dragged are dirty footprints one after another. I can't help it. I have to drag it again. I went to the bathroom again and washed the mop. The water that had washed the mop was really dirty and black. It seems that the floor should be dragged well. So I wrung out the mop and dragged it again. The floor is as bright as a mirror, so you can see the shadow.

After a long time, I finally took off the floor. I was too tired to breathe, my waist could not straighten up, and my hands were numb. But looking at my home, it has taken on a new look, giving people a warm and comfortable feeling.

At this time, I thought of the sweaty man's mother again. Mother worked hard day and night. She had to do mountain like housework every day. She was too busy. I only experienced it once, but my back is sore. What about my mother? Isn't it a hundred times harder than us?

By helping my mother with housework, I also realized my mother's hardships. In the future, I must help my mother do more housework, reduce my mother's burden and don't let my mother continue to work!

Grade 5 of Daqing foreign language school: Zhao Jiaming 1225