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I learned to wash clothes and keep a diary of 200 words

During the summer vacation, my cousin Shang Songjiang and I played at the fourth Duke of Luxian County for more than a month. We not only completed all our summer homework, but also learned to wash clothes.

The first time we washed, we didn't wash it clean. We didn't even wash the stains off our clothes. Therefore, Sigonghe baby taught us. After teaching several times, we finally learned.

When washing clothes, first take a small amount of water, put in washing powder, and soak the clothes for a few minutes; Rub hard with your hands, and brush the stains that can't be rubbed off with a brush. Then put the clothes into the basin and wash the water three or four times until the water becomes clear and the foam in the water is very small. Pick up the clothes from the clear water, wring them dry, hang them on the balcony with a clothes hanger, and the clothes will be washed.

I was very happy to wear my own clean clothes. I was also praised by the second and third public. In the future, I will do my own laundry to reduce grandma's burden and make Grandma less tired. I learned to wash clothes_ One morning, as soon as I got up, I saw my mother washing clothes. I also wanted to experience my mother's feeling of washing clothes, so I started washing clothes.

I first brought a bucket and a basin with a pile of dirty clothes. Then I brought a bucket of water, tried to pour some washing powder, rubbed it with my hands, cleaned it, put it in a bucket of water and rinsed it again and again until there was no washing powder.

The clothes in this basin are really dirty! I picked up a underwear, eh? How come there are so many black circles on this underwear! I must wipe out these black groups. Then I did it the way my mother said. Sprinkle some washing powder on it and rub it hard against the black ball. After rubbing, pick it up and have a look. Ah! It's as like as two peas! I really eliminated those black groups! Mom, what a clever move!

When I first started washing, I didn't know how much detergent to put. Then he ran to his mother: "how much detergent do you need to put in washing clothes?"“ You can do it yourself! " Mother replied. As soon as my mother spoke, I took a dress to try on. I put a lot of washing powder first. As a result, I rubbed it. I also had washing powder on my hand. Then I put a little washing powder, but I didn't rub any clean. The last time I thought: put a lot without success, put a few without success, leaving only a few. So I took action. oh I washed a dress so clean! It's beyond my imagination! I'm so happy! After washing, I hang the clothes on the balcony.

I learned from it: no matter how difficult it is, as long as you make such efforts again and again, you will always succeed.

When I finished washing, I seemed to see the same clothes smiling, nodding to me, and said happily to me, "thank you, little master. The bath you gave me today is cleaner and more comfortable than what your mother gave me. " After listening to these words, my heart is happier than eating honey! I learned to wash clothes_ 200 words this summer vacation, I learned to wash clothes.

On the first night of the summer camp, the washing machine broke down. The teacher ran over with a pile of dirty and smelly clothes in his hand and said to us, 'the washing machine broke down, so we can only wash our clothes ourselves!' This surprised us: we have never washed clothes! I can't help but try to wash it.

The next morning, the teacher began to teach us to wash clothes. First, I wet my clothes, then pick them up, put soap on them and rub them. At this time, my hands and clothes are full of bubbles, and then wash the bubbles on my clothes and wring them dry. But my strength was too small to screw, so I had to ask the teacher for help. Finally, I hung the clean clothes on the clothes pole.

The next day, the clothes were dry. I picked up the clothes and smelled it. There was a smell. I was so happy! Because, I learned to wash clothes!

Chen Siqian, grade 2 of the fourth primary school of Shenzhen Yucai group, may award essay solicitation: I learned to wash clothes_ On Sunday, after breakfast, my mother began to wash clothes; I watched it for a while and thought it was not very simple! I quickly took off my school uniform and said loudly: Mom, look at me, I must be cleaner than you!

Mother said as if she didn't believe it, 'you? All right? "

I was unconvinced and said, 'why is this difficult? First put it in the water, put some soap on it, rub it, and then wash it. It's OK!'

My mother saw that I didn't admit defeat, so she had to say, 'let's compete! See who washes the fastest and cleanest. "

The final result came out - the two clothes on the rope, one of which was dazzling white under the sun; And the other one, but gray, might as well not have been washed!

I thought I had failed and said dejectedly, 'I'll never wash clothes again.'

My mother touched my head and said in earnest: 'how can I do that? It's not a good child to give up when there is a little difficulty. We should insist on learning and rub it patiently, so that we can finally wash the clothes. "

I listened to my mother and took down my clothes and washed them again. Sure enough, after the dirt was washed off, the school uniform became really new!

I jumped up happily, 'I finally learned to wash clothes!'

From this, I understand that no matter what we do, as long as we are careful and patient, there is nothing we can't do. If you don't believe it, try it!

The content of this page is pushed by "Sihai reading network" to you. I learned to wash clothes at the third Central Primary School in Daokou Township, Junan County, Shandong Province_ Today, after school, it rained cats and dogs. I looked surprised: when did it rain? How can I go back! I'm as anxious as an ant on a hot pot. Seeing other students running in the rain, I gritted my teeth and ran back. At the door of my house, I was like a drowned chicken. I was drenched in water and my clothes could be twisted out of water! When I entered the house, I changed my clothes and threw the dirty clothes into the basin until my mother came back to wash them,

Just as I was about to turn around, I suddenly remembered how hard it was for my mother to run all the way home, washing clothes and cooking! I turned around, took the basin to draw water, picked up the dirty clothes and washed them.

I rubbed the collar with soap according to my mother's usual laundry method. Just after rubbing, the collar became white. I put soap on my sleeve and rubbed it carefully. Black water came out immediately. Eh, I glanced at the ink spots on my clothes. I rubbed them for a long time, but I still didn't see them off. I was a little discouraged and was preparing to 'wash my hands', Think of the book that ink spots can be removed with oxalic acid. Don't I have a bottle of oxalic acid in my family? I brought oxalic acid, poured it out and covered it on the ink dot. Half an hour later, hey! Don't say that the ink dot is really gone. I cleaned the clothes several times and squeezed out water to dry.

Looking at my cleaned clothes, I was not so happy. When I was complacent, I heard the 'CLA' door open. I quickly hid behind the clothes hanger and closed my eyes waiting for my mother's praise. Not long ago, I heard my mother's surprised voice: 'my baby daughter can do her own things by herself.' I came out happily. My mother patted me on the shoulder and praised me. My heart is sweeter than drinking honey. I learned to wash clothes_ 500 words when I was a child, I was the youngest at home. My grandparents spoiled me. I was a big fish and meat all day. I was not allowed to do this or that. I was about to become a 'little emperor'. I was like a chick under the wings of a hen, living carefree.

One day, my grandparents went out to buy vegetables. I was the only one left at home. I saw a basin of clothes that hadn't been washed. I thought: now I can make great contributions. I immediately filled the basin with water and learned the way my grandmother washed clothes. First, I soaked it in the water for a few minutes. Then I poured some washing powder into the basin and rubbed the clothes with my hands, but I couldn't get bubbles for a long time. I thought: am I not strong enough? No, I use it very hard. Since this is not the reason, what is it? I was thinking. I caught a glimpse of the spoon scooping washing powder when I suddenly patted my hand and said, 'my grandfather has scooped three or four spoons to wash clothes.' So I took three or four spoons like my grandfather, and then rubbed them with my hands. Those small bubbles seemed to be dancing a charming dance, gathering for a while, separating and bursting for a while, with light spots and colors & hellip& hellip; The rushing water is like singing a happy song and a hymn, praising me for doing it right. A basin of clothes was finally washed. I was so tired that my back was sore and my legs almost couldn't stand up.

I wrung out all the washed clothes and hung them on the clothes rack with a clothes pole. I looked at the clothes I had worked hard to wash, and I had an unspeakable joy in my heart.

At 9:30, my grandparents came back. Grandma saw my laundry and asked in surprise, 'ah, how did the clothes go up by themselves?' Then he went to the clothes, touched the clothes, looked at them again, and said, 'the clothes are well washed, Yang Yang, did you wash them?' I answered happily, 'yes!'

I looked at the clothes hanger as if it had suddenly become shorter. No! I grew up. I took another big step forward on the road of independence. I learned to wash clothes_ 350 words in school, teachers often teach us to do what we can for our mother and father at home. One day during the holiday, my mother taught me how to wash clothes.

When my mother works, I always like to be busy before and after. My mother is washing clothes, and I am willing to help. My mother smiled and said, 'Yuanyuan, my mother taught you to wash clothes!' I said without hesitation: 'great!' So my mother brought me warm water. I gently soaked my sweater in the water and made it on the small stool. My mother helped me roll up my cuffs, and I learned it properly. According to the order my mother told me, I washed the collar first, gently slapped transparent soap on my clothes, and my two small hands poked back and forth. In a moment, the collar was cleaned. I washed two cuffs carefully. Maybe I didn't use my force properly. After poking for a while, both palms were red and itchy. Mother saw it and said painfully, 'why don't you wash it today!' I said firmly: 'no! I can do it! Don't you often say that you can't give up halfway? " Mother was really happy when she heard this: "Yuanyuan has really grown up and can help her mother in the future." I continue to wash the front and then the back. I wash everything carefully. I think the washing is very clean and recognized by my mother. My heart is sweeter than honey. My mother helped me to remove the dirty water and replace it with new water. I seriously washed off the soap foam. Throw the clothes dry and hang them. I've done it.

Now I wear my own clothes and feel the most glorious meaning of labor. I can proudly say, 'I've learned to wash clothes!' I learned to wash clothes. This summer vacation, I learned to wash clothes.

On the first night of the summer camp, the washing machine broke down. The teacher ran over with a pile of dirty and smelly clothes in his hand and said to us, 'the washing machine broke down, so we can only wash our clothes ourselves!' This surprised us: we have never washed clothes! no way out,