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Fun games

Diary > first grade diary fun game_ During today's recess, I, Liu Hanyi and Hongyang played the game of zombie catching children. Our game rule is: Zombies count for 30 seconds, and children can hide everywhere. Thirty seconds later, the zombie catches the children. Diary second grade diary

Hongyang offered to be a zombie. Hongyang counted seconds and seconds, and Liu Hanyi and I ran to the book complex building to hide at the same speed as a cheetah. Hongyang pretended to be a zombie and looked for us everywhere. My heart was pounding and worried that Hongyang would find us. Until the bell rang, Hongyang didn't find us. Hongyang sighed. Liu Hanyi and I sneered. Liu Hanyi and I won, and the zombies got nothing.

Grade one: Fang Ruihan's mother's "good play"_ My mother can't cook, but she has a 'good skill', that is to make rice wine.

In summer, the weather is hot. At night, my mother brought a basin of rice and a rice wine pill. She cut the rice wine pill into half, crushed it, put it into the rice and stir it, and then wrap the basin tightly with a cloth to let it ferment.

At this time the next day, open the cloth, you will smell the fragrance of rice wine, then put cold boiled water into white sugar, pour it into rice wine, put it for a while, and you can eat it.

The taste of rice wine is sour, sweet and delicious.

This is my mother's' Specialty ', I also want to learn.

Grade two: if Yu Xuan, I will go to play with my mother_ The content of this 100 word page is pushed for you by " reading". Today is Sunday. I'm in a good mood. Because it has been raining, like 'grandpa heaven and earth' crying, he finally showed a smiling face today. My mother took me for an outing in the forest park. Looking at the sky, birds fly freely in groups, swans on the lake are singing, and the grass in front of them shows their 'little head'. They all express a happy mood. My mother also took me to the pedestrian street. The pedestrian street is like a lively ocean. People come and go, and the shops are bustling everywhere. The shops show happy smiling faces. I like sunny days! I also like to play with my mother.

Grade 2 of Shangrao 13th primary school, Xinzhou District, Shangrao, Jiangxi: Wang Jiani