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The composition of an unforgettable thing is 300 words

Everyone has one or two unforgettable things, and the most unforgettable thing for me is a wound in my thigh.

I remember one summer in the fourth grade, my mother bought me a pair of skates. That night, my mother asked me to practice. Because the TV at home is so good at night, I don't want to go. Mother found out and said angrily, 'if you don't practice, you'll be fined not to watch TV for a week.' So I had to agree.

When I first went, I was not very skilled, so I had to walk step by step with the railing. With my efforts, I finally broke away from the railing and began to walk generously. Accidentally, I fell a dog and chewed the mud. I immediately stood up. My mother saw what had just happened and called me over. At that time, I was afraid my mother would criticize me, but the fact was the opposite. Mother patted the dust on me and said, 'does it hurt? Put on your knee pads. "

Instead, I said proudly, 'I was careless just now. I don't wear it.' When my mother didn't notice, I turned and slipped away. After a while, some children came to compete with me, and I agreed. At the beginning of the game, I fell beside the dustbin because I ran too fast. Just a stone chip pierced a hole in my pants and scratched a skin off my leg. At this time, I was extremely sad. Mother sent me to the clinic without saying a word.

After this incident, I learned a truth: you can't be arrogant in anything, or you will suffer losses. About unforgettable composition: an unforgettable thing composition 300 words in my mind, there are many things, like the floating clouds in the sky, which have drifted away with the wind with the passage of time. However, only this one thing can't go away in the sky of my heart for a long time.

That winter, when my mother and I were about to go home, we heard an old man yelling, 'come and buy sweet potatoes!' I suddenly thought that the content of this page was pushed to eat sweet potatoes for you by " reading", so I asked my mother again and again, and she finally agreed. We went to the old man. The old man gave me two sweet potatoes. Then I saw his calloused hand and thought, 'it's not easy for people to make some money now! A sweet potato costs only one yuan, but you make your hands like this, eh. " I looked up and smiled at him and saw his pale face. When I got home, my mother found that my wallet was missing. I remembered that it seemed to have fallen on the sweet potato stand. Mother said, 'that old man has made a lot of money now.' After that, I didn't say anything until we saw the old man when we went to the supermarket in the afternoon. He also saw me, so he hurried to us, gave us his wallet and said, 'I've been waiting for you since then, and finally waited.' Then he left.

Although it has been a long time, I still remember that kind old man. About unforgettable composition: one thing that makes me unforgettable composition 300 words people's life will have many unforgettable things, and I am no exception. This time I saw this test question, my eyes couldn't help moistening. It reminded me of a long time ago, which I still remember.

This happened when I was in kindergarten. It was a thunderstorm night. It was raining cats and dogs outside. It was just when we were leaving school. It happened that my parents couldn't pick me up that day. I saw many children being picked up by their parents one after another. Their happy expression made me very sad. There are fewer and fewer people in the classroom, which makes me afraid. In the end, I was left alone. The guard grandpa was going to lock the door. Unexpectedly, he saw me. So he came over and asked me why I hadn't come home. I told him the truth. He said to me, 'don't worry, your parents will pick you up soon. If they can't come, I'll let you go to my house first and let your parents pick you up at my house.' After a while, my parents haven't come yet. So Grandpa decided to take me home. Without hesitation, he gave me his raincoat and took me back to his house. When I got to his house, he asked me to call my parents and tell them I was at his house. After a while, my parents came to pick me up.

The next day I went to school and didn't see Grandpa. It turned out that he was ill. He was ill in order to keep me from the rain. I will never forget it. An unforgettable thing. The composition is 300 words. Everyone will have his own exclusive memory and unforgettable experience. Life is always so wonderful. The sour, sweet and bitter are always so wonderful. The sour is balanced with the sweet, and the bitter is covered with the spicy. Because of these precious memories, our life will be better.

I always remember that thing clearly and unforgettably.

That day, when I came home from school and passed the road, I saw a large group of people around the side of the road. I had always been nosy, so I crowded into the crowd and joined in the excitement.

As soon as I squeezed in, I heard a weather beaten face vaguely crying: 'young man, how can you bully an old woman like me? It's not easy for me to earn some money! "

'you smelly old woman, have nothing to do with it. You can't take care of my business! "

'young man, I didn't embarrass you. I can't control your business, but you littered and damaged the environment. I don't know what's wrong. How can I stand idly by!' Hearing this, I seem to understand what happened. Many onlookers seemed to understand and blamed the teenagers one after another. The teenagers were ashamed of themselves and picked up the garbage with gray heads.

Students, it's important to take care of the environment! We can't be like those teenagers. For a better tomorrow, work together!

I like the sea very much and always look forward to going to the beach one day. This summer vacation, my mother took me to Lianyungang beach, which makes me unforgettable.

We came to the seaside of Lianyungang. Looking from a distance, we saw that the blue sea was very calm under the sunshine. However, when I came to the front, I saw many waves, one by one, coming towards the shore. There are a lot of people on the beach. Some people pick up shells on the beach or rest on the couch. Some people swim in the sea. After changing my swimming trunks, I couldn't wait to rush to the beach. It was so fine and soft sand. It was so comfortable. I was so excited that I ran several laps on the beach. I went into the water carefully and felt the sea water very cool. This is the first time I came to the sea. I had planned a lot of swimming movements long before I came, but I was so excited that I forgot it all at once, so I had to grasp the rope and play in the shallow water at the beginning. Later, when I saw an uncle's swimming action, I remembered how to swim. I let go of the rope and began to swim. I rowed continuously in the sea and struggled hard. It was not easy to swim a little. I really couldn't hold my breath. I just stood up and a wave came. I accidentally drank a mouthful of sea water. It was salty.

Time passed quickly. It was time to go home. I reluctantly landed. Swimming at the beach is really unforgettable to me. One unforgettable thing composition 300 words today, I'm still in the summer vacation, and my father is very free. I heard that world champion Li Hongli and his father are stationed in the village together. Of course, I want to see the style of the world champion and listen to his brilliant examples. Today & hellip& hellip; I'm going to see the style of the champion.

I am very happy to get everything ready. What I am waiting for is to meet the world champion. My heart keeps pounding and Thinking: world champion & hellip& hellip; It must be very kind. I don't want to be nervous & hellip& hellip; Well, don't be nervous.

I came to the place where Li Guanjun was stationed in the village. At first, I saw layers of beautiful flowers downstairs, and then I saw the Holy Church Sanshan Village Committee & hellip& hellip; Upstairs, I saw the champion chatting and drinking tea with others. We also went there. Champion Li talked politely and didn't destroy the atmosphere because of small things. He also told us that when he practiced weightlifting, he first trained his arm strength, and then went to participate in international competitions one after another.. World competition, won many victories & hellip& hellip; No, today he showed us a world champion gold medal and took a group photo with us. After taking a group photo, he poured us tea and water. It's really kind.

When I was about to leave, I was still reluctant to part with it. This meeting with the world champion made me unforgettable, excited, nostalgic and admirable & hellip& hellip; One unforgettable thing composition 300 words in my childhood, there were many unforgettable things for me.

One day, Liu Han and I went to steal watermelon together.

I went to steal melons with Liu Donghui and Liu Minghui, and let Liu Zhenyu watch the wind. Liu Donghui and I came to the watermelon field together. Climbed to the watermelon field, climbed in, grabbed two watermelons and ran out of the watermelon field. A watermelon watcher shouted. We hid the watermelon and ran away. We said stop. We ran away as soon as we heard it. I said we ran separately, so the man rode a motorcycle to catch up with us, and we ran into the wheat field. He told us not to run, ran and ran, and I fell. I stood up and continued to run. When the man who chased us shouted for the first time, 'don't run, I won't run. He asked us what we were doing. Liu Donghui and I reacted quickly and said that we defecated there. The man asked me, 'since you didn't steal watermelon, why did you run?' I said to Liu Donghui, 'should you think of us as stealing watermelon?' Then he let us go. After he left, I said, 'it's dangerous.' Liu Minghui said he was not stealing melons, and Liu Zhenyu said he was not doing bad things.

This thing makes me unforgettable today. I remember it happened when I was 5 years old, which has always been fresh in my memory.

At that time, my parents went to work, leaving only me and grandma at home. Grandma was watching TV, and the songs on TV attracted me. I began to dance on my little bed. When I was happy, I stepped empty and fell down. In an instant, I began to cry like thunder, which attracted many neighbors, One of the most enthusiastic Grandma Wang also came. She saw me and asked grandma what happened. When she knew the facts, without saying a word, she ran away with me on her back and said she was going to the hospital. It was snowy that day. She couldn't get a taxi and the bus was too slow. She looked at me reluctantly and ran directly to the hospital. On the way, she was afraid that I was cold, so she took off her cotton padded clothes and put them on me. Then she ran and ran all the time. When she saw the hospital, her body suddenly shook. I opened her bright eyes, she took a break and continued to run to the hospital. After a while, mom and dad also came. Mom said shyly, 'thank you very much.' I also said thank you.

Later, my mother said that Grandma Wang had a high fever that night, and I cried again, but this time I didn't cry because of pain, but because I was moved. This matter has always been fresh in my memory and hasn't been forgotten for many years.