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Happy sunday

Diary > second grade diary happy sunday_ 100 words February 27 Sunday Yin diary 500 words

Today, it was cloudy and cold. My sister came to my house to play with me. We went to the garden near my house. My sister and I play on the swing. I sit on the swing and swing around. I feel like a boat floating in the river. It's very comfortable! My sister and I went to play the parallel bars again. It took me a lot of effort to go up. My sister went up very easily. I had a good time on it. My sister was afraid to move. My sister and I went down the bars. We went home happily. Today is really a happy Sunday. Grade 2 of Shandong Xinwen Experimental Primary School: Wang lushong 1 happy sunday_ 1400 words God seems to have been greatly wronged. He cries all day and sometimes tears. More than 40 days. We can't stand it. We hope it will clear up soon. But I'm always disappointed every day.

Last Sunday. In the morning, my grandmother woke me up from my dream and said it was sunny. The whole family went to the new martyrs cemetery. As soon as I heard the exciting news, I got up from bed and opened the curtains. It was a sunny day. Father-in-law sun had already shown a bright smiling face. I got my brother up, hurried through breakfast, and a family of five set out. As usual, grandma rode a tricycle with her brother and sister. I walk with Grandpa. After walking for a while, I had practiced tricycle skills as early as seven years old. I felt itchy and wanted to show it. So I asked my grandmother to step on it. Grandma may also be tired of stepping on it and readily agreed. When I got on the tricycle, I pushed it away. I only heard the wind whizzing in my ears. Grandpa and grandma are afraid of me crashing. Welcome to pay attention to wechat: www4hw get more knowledge. He ran after him and shouted, 'slow down! Slow down! "

In less than ten minutes, we arrived at the gate of the martyrs' cemetery. Stepping into the garden gate, ah, it's so lively. After a long rain and early sunshine, there are so many people visiting the garden. They come and go, bustling. We found many changes in Yuanling. A new pond was dug. The workers are planting trees and flowers by the pond. The active brother also pretended to squat down and cultivate soil for the newly planted flowers and plants. Suddenly a ball flew in front of me. I picked it up and played with my brother. Two little sisters stood by and looked at us. When I asked, I knew that the ball was theirs. I felt very embarrassed and gave it back immediately.

At this time, we found many colorful small bubbles flying in front of us. It turned out that a little brother was blowing soap bubbles. I asked him where he bought it and he pointed over there. I looked in the direction he pointed, and a large crowd surrounded it. I asked my grandmother for ten yuan and ran over with my brother. There are many toys. The best-selling one is the bubble blowing tube. It's out of stock. The salesperson immediately called his family to send it. We waited a long time to buy two. As soon as we got it, my brother and I couldn't wait to play. We took the stick stained with soapy water out of the tube and blew it gently. Those small bubbles jumped into the air and danced with the wind. Under the reflection of the sun, they became red, green, colorful and beautiful. Later, I put the stick out with the wind, and the bubble flew out, which was bigger and more than what I blew. My brother is like me. This greatly improves the efficiency of the ball. The friends who play with us also learn from us. We play and chase in the square, always trying to fly bubbles into each other's faces. For a time, laughter and shouting accompanied by the colorful small bubbles rippled over the square.

Tired of playing and tired of running. My brother suggested going boating in the lake. Grandma generously agreed. He bought us tickets, put us on the boat and repeatedly told us to be careful. As soon as I got on the boat, I couldn't grasp the direction. The boat always circled in the lake. Later, I found out the trick. Step on the pedal, grasp the steering wheel and swim away. The boat swung open the green lake and rippled in circles. Two lines of snow-white waves were left behind. Grandpa chased us to take pictures on the shore with a telephoto camera. We swam from the back lake to the front lake, and then through the arch bridge from the front lake to the back lake. My brother was original. He took out the bubble blowing toy, kept shaking it, and made a string of beautiful small bubbles flying around the lake, adding another scenery. The flying bubbles slowly fell into the lake and merged with the green water. Maybe it's too fat, maybe it's too little exercise. After playing for a few laps, I feel weak and my legs pedal more and more slowly. So he berthed the ship and went ashore.

Look at Grandpa's watch. It's twelve o'clock at noon. After playing for a long time, I was hungry. We pestered grandma for lunch again. There happened to be a shop in front of the park. Our family of five came to Mackenzie again. A smell came to my nose. I took a deep breath and hurried my grandmother to order something to eat. We ordered a vegetable soup and a milk. My sister also clamored to eat and added a milk to her. Who knew she was so naughty that she overthrew it all at once. I had to give her some to drink. Those things taste good, but they are too small to help me in my hunger. Grandma had to dig out her pocket to buy us an Orleans roast chicken. My brother and I gobbled up again. It was finished in the blink of an eye. We left the shop with a burp.

This Sunday was so interesting that we visited the natural scenery of the martyrs' cemetery. It also makes us appreciate the fun of playing bubbles. Let me enjoy the comfort and tranquility of the lake. I also tasted the delicious roast whole chicken in Orleans. I wish I could go out every Sunday.

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